Insights through Illusion for Daily Living

Don’t get Distracted


Sidetrack….There is a fly buzzing in my ear as I’m trying to write. It seems as if every time a thought enters my head the fly decides it needs to move. It’s almost as if it’s purposely stopping me from writing. It’s loud and obnoxious. To be almost that unnoticeable by anyone else, I can hear it. Buzzzzz…………buzzzzzzz…….

What’s the deal, and why would I stop writing what I was writing to write this? It occurs to me that we all have this problem when it comes to being productive for the kingdom.

Sin is ever present in our lives. If you are a follower of Christ, then your sins are forgiven, but everyday is a constant battle between our flesh and our spirit. Truthfully it’s easy to do what I have just done with this fly, and stop everything I’m doing to focus on this fly, this sin. I am aware that sin is something that many people may never even notice, but in my personal life I know it’s there. I may be able to hide it from others, but it doesn’t take away the simple fact that the struggle exists.

I know personally in my life there have been times when I’m am trying to serve God, but what happens instead, I get distracted and embrace chasing something that ignores God’s purpose. If we want to make an impact for Christ then we have to stop focusing on these distractions.  If you want to reach your friends with the Gospel, then we have to make sure that our lives are pure.

It’s too easy to continue pouring energy and time into chasing this fly.  Eventually  I will look up and wonder where the time has gone, and how I have done nothing positive for quite a while.  It’s too easy to do this in our lives.  If we lower our guard and allow these distractions into our lives.  We finally snap and realize, “what am I doing here, doing this?”

Back to Daniel

Again this goes back to Daniel.  He chose to make himself pure, and chose to remove anything impure from his life.  This is the best strategy for us.  To remove the things that cause us to sin. If we leave stuff lying around our life that attracts flies, then guess what’s going to happen?

The best policy is to keep yourself pure, and to keep yourself clean, and keep your life clean.

Don’t get distracted…..keep yourself pure.

Don’t chase flies.


What flies do you have in your life?

How can you avoid these flies?

How can you help others with their flies?

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