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What does it cost to be passionate?

Passionate…Passion….I’m passionate about…..They have a passion for……

Aside from love, the most overused and thrown around word today is passion.

People do in fact have passions. People are passionate about things. The problem is that we throw the word around so often that it’s watered down beyond making someone else care. I mean after all, what’s the point of being passionate about something if you intend to keep it to yourself. That seems slightly self-defeating.

Personally I have a passion for the art of illusion. I love the awe it inspires and the childlike wonder that passes over people’s faces when they see an illusion. They know deep down that it’s not real, but for that fleeting moment they suspend disbelief, and really, truly, enjoy the moment. That look sometimes crosses a spectator’s eye for only a split second, but it’s there. It’s what keeps me going. Creating a moment that people will never forget as long as they live, is why I became an illusionist.

Which is why I use illusions in my main passion, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Millions share this passion, but others see this as antiquated and useless.

Here’s the truth about this notion.

· The Gospel of Jesus is not a fairy tale

· The Gospel is not a legend

· The Gospel is historical

· The Gospel Changes Lives

· The world is dying

· The cure is the Gospel

· We have the cure

The problem with our culture and why there is so much opposition to the message of Jesus, is that we live like we don’t believe the points above. We are passionate about our church fellowships….our socials…..our renovations….all of which are great things, but we lack a passion for sharing.

We have given up on living out a lifestyle that speaks louder than our words.

Our words say.

· Jesus loves you

· I’m praying for you

· God bless you

· Call me if you need me

Our actions on the other hand disagree. Our actions tell people, “You need to clean up before I can share with you” or “He should just get a job instead of begging” or “What’s the point? They won’t listen to me if I tell them about Jesus.” We have lied to ourselves and told ourselves that these are acceptable thought processes for someone who has been given the Great Commission.

When you are passionate about something you take risks. You don’t mind going to the extremes to pursue your passion. You may get hurt along the way. You may be laughed at, but you know in your heart you are pursuing what you have to pursue. Passion is a driving force that can’t be stopped.

Now apply that to the Gospel. If we truly believe that Jesus can change people’s lives, would we not tell our friends about Him because we don’t want to insult them? Would we be afraid of being labeled? Would our main worry be that people are laughing at us, or that people are dying without Jesus?

When you are passionate you count the cost, but in the end your passion will always outweigh the consequences if you are truly passionate.

We live in a culture that desperately needs the truth of Jesus.

If we are not going to be passionate about His word and His love and His sacrifice, then who will? The truth is, you will get laughed at. You will get called names. You will upset people, but that is what the Gospel does. It shines light into the darkness and changes things. It shakes things up and makes them new.

If anyone is in Christ they are a new creation. The Gospel makes us new. Makes the dead live. The world needs to hear this message. The world needs people who are passionate. The world needs you and me to be….


What’s it cost to be passionate?

What’s too costly to loose to this passion?

What’s the main thing stopping you, and how can you eliminate that?


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