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Passion should motivate.

Passion Part 2

Could you imagine being told that if you continue to speak out for what you believe that you will be killed for it? That is something that we have questioned in small groups for as long as I have been in ministry. It usually goes something like, “If someone had a gun to your head and said they’d shoot if you believe in Jesus, what would you say?” We have all heard that question, but the thing is, have we given it more than fleeting “Wednesday night” talk?

The reason I ask this is because passion motivates us to push further, even if it costs us everything. Today across the world there are thousands of people whose lives are at stake on a daily basis, but you know what? They continue to spread the light of Jesus to everyone they meet. The threat of death doesn’t stop them. Sometimes, the only thing that does stop someone who is passionate, is death. That doesn’t stop their impact. Their legacy lives on.

The idea that people are killed on a daily basis really blows my mind. When I get out of the “movie-world” mind, and realize that there are people literally dying all across the world for the cause of Christ, it changes my way of thinking. It gives me a chill that I have it so easy.

Passion is scary.

Think about that for a minute. It’s very, very easy for us to just simply say, “Oh yeah, I’d take the bullet and say yes!” We then pat ourselves on the back for being “Super-Christian.” Here’s the thing…the gun isn’t in our face, and chances are it never will be. But what if it was?

We have a blessing of living in the USA because right now, we have the freedom to live for Jesus, and guess what? You will not be killed for it. You may make some waves, you make turn heads, but that’s what the Gospel does after all. The boat needs to be rocked after all.

We are free to be passionate.

Here’s the thing. The passion to share the greatest truth known to mankind, should be burning in us so strong, that we literally can’t keep it in.

In case you missed it, check out my last post on Passion here:

We have a freedom in America that we can share the Gospel without fear of death. Can you imagine the impact the apostles would have on our culture today if they didn’t have the constant fear of death? The funny thing about that is that they still made an impact even though they knew that it could and would cost them their lives. Living every day knowing it could be their last for sharing the Gospel, yet that motivated them even harder. Maybe that’s the issue maybe it’s that we have it too easy?

Passion turns heads.

The fact that our lives are not in danger, should motivate us even further. We have the cure to the dying world. We have the answer. It’s time for us to start living like we believe what scripture says. It’s time for us to start living like we believe that our loved ones need Jesus. This passion will be noticeable. People will speak out, people will be made uncomfortable. Again, the boat needs to be rocked.

The beautiful part is, that if we embrace this passion, and follow through, our lives can inspire others to be passionate for Jesus Christ too.

That’s what this world needs. This world needs people who are passionate about Jesus Christ. This world needs people who are not afraid of sharing the Gospel.

Be Passionate, and be heard.

Be inspiring.

Have you lost the passion to share the message of Jesus?

What is stopping you from being passionate?

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