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Be Deliberate and be Effective by Trimming the Fat


Let’s face it we have all experienced this whether it’s performing or speaking in front of students.  You have something important to say, but you look at your time that you have left and see….you have two minutes left.  It’s a feeling that is highly irritating.  The thing is though the person we can generally point the finger at is ourselves.

Time is Everything

If someone is bringing me in (or anyone for that matter) they have a time set for the show/event. If I were to go off on a tangent and cram a 45 minute show into an hour and a half on a Wednesday night….the hosts would not be happy. Often, events are scheduled down to the minute, because students have other family members waiting on them, younger siblings and/or parents (their transportation.) The event host would be unhappy if I held their service over, because they are on a schedule.

Often, the same can be said for youth ministry. Sometimes it doesn’t seem that Wednesday night time slot is long enough to get in everything you need to say. As much as you would love to keep going sometimes, invariably a parent is going to get their student out to leave which causes a distraction.  The best way to combat this, is to stay on schedule by trimming everything unnecessary out of the night.

Be Deliberate

In my show, everything I do is deliberate. Every action on stage has an equal and opposite reaction. Whatever I say or do on stage will directly affect the audience crowd. Every action or word should bring about one of 3 reactions in illusion.

  1. Laughter
  2. Awe/Amazement
  3. Rapt Attention

I would say this list is similar to that of a student minister’s job. For Student Ministers, you could sub out #2 for Interest/furthering of knowledge. If you are doing or saying anything that doesn’t cause one of these things then it is deemed “fat” and should be trimmed from your service.  If you have to trim your “news and updates” section down, then so be it. We don’t want to get lost in the “fat.” God has given you a message, and you have to make sure that message is the focus of your youth service. I have never heard anyone say that their life was changed from the “News” section.  It’s important and has merit, but it also has a time frame.

There may be the occasional time when you are being introduced as a guest speaker, and you are waiting to go on.  The emcee spends way too much time on their game or video or announcements.  If you follow the above steps, you should still be in the clear.

Plan ahead.

Trim the fat.

Think about that in your regular schedule. 

Are there things that you do or say that might cause distractions?  It may be unintentional. In fact, you may have great intentions for something, but is it something that can be trimmed to make your night leaner and more effective?

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