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Did Jesus Merely Pass out on the Cross? Part 1

Escape from DeathCriss Angel Building Implosion

Imagine someone being locked away and left for dead.  Only to see that same person alive and well 3 days later.  You know that you saw this person die, yet here he is again.  How do you react to this?  What explanation can there be? Famous Illusionist Criss Angel locked himself in an imploding building a few years back.  It looked as if he was just going to make it out until, something happened and he apparently was crushed inside the building.  A few dramatic seconds later he shows up on the screen unscathed and unharmed.  No one doubted that this was going to be the result of the famous illusionists stunt, but he still managed to shock some.

Smoke and Mirrors

The difference is, we watch Criss go into the building knowing that he will come out in the same state, alive. However we know all along that it’s an illusion. However when Jesus disciples watched His brutal beating and crucifixion, many of them lost hope in their Messiah. That is until they had an encounter with the risen Jesus that changed their lives forever. Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code, seems to think something else happened.  Something that takes much more faith to believe.

However skeptics claim that Jesus didn’t rise from the dead after all.  In fact they try to come up with any “natural” explanation possible for Jesus rising from the dead.  They claim that people can’t “naturally” rise from the dead, therefore Jesus could not rise from the dead.  The problem with that line of thinking is that we are not claiming Jesus “naturally” rose from the dead, but supernaturally.  That God reached down into creation and raised Jesus from the dead.  Silencing the critics of Jesus for all time that He was anything but what He claimed to be. God incarnate.

As we’ve seen HERE and HERE even the most skeptical and liberal New Testament scholars (including Gerd Ludemann and John Dominic Crossan of the Jesus Seminar) agree on certain facts.  Mainly here we have and will continue to deal with the first agreed on problem of the empty tomb.

Swoon Theory

The next theory we are going to debunk is called the Swoon Theory.

Basically the gist of the theory is that Jesus didn’t actually die, but fainted on the cross, and was placed in the tomb.  Somehow because of the climate and type of tomb He was in, His healing was much faster than normal.  He escaped from the tomb, and healed up until He made His reappearance to the 12 and His followers….

On paper as a naturalist, that’s just about the best you can do.  The problem is the theory is so full of holes that it seems Frank Turek couldn’t be more right in that it takes much more faith to be an atheist.

Tomorrow we are going to look into the crucifixion process and the moments leading up to the death of Jesus through the lens of history.  We are going to examine what would normally happen to anyone being crucified, and apply the same to Jesus.  We will see how plausible it is that Jesus merely passed out or how preposterous the claim really is.

Do you think it’s even remotely possible that Jesus merely passed out?

Have you ever heard anyone try to say this?

Have you ever heard anyone try to quote The Da Vinci Code as fact?

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