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Exposing Psychics and Mediums: Hot Reading

Yesterday I introduced you to the idea of “Cold Reading” which is a technique used by “psychics” to try to tell your fortune. To the untrained spectator, this can come across as scary and occult, but it simply all boils down to charlatans and tricksters.

If you missed yesterday’s post, check it out Right Here

The next technique I want to reveal is what’s known as “Hot Reading.” Hot reading is the real meat of a “mediums” reading. This is the point in a show (in the case of Sylvia Browne or John Edwards) in which the medium starts revealing more than just vague general statements. They seemingly are able to tell their audience personal information that only “their loved ones” would know. If you watch this, it can be a bit unsettling….

Until you know what’s going on behind the scenes. I have performed what’s known as a “Q & A” act for mentalists, in which you reveal facts that you have no possible way of knowing about your audience. I then reveal how it’s done, and how easily we can be fooled into believing a lie.

Too many times we cash in what we know to be true, for a lie.


The thing is that in a public show, these mediums know more about you than you think they do, because you give them the information yourself. Wait a minute, how can that fool or impress anyone? The thing is, you are giving them information without knowing you are feeding right to them. Before the show, spectators are asked to fill out a comment or information card. The questions are as innocuous as your name, age, or date of birth, but others ask much more specific information. Some might ask if you’ve recently lost someone, and if so information about your loved one.

You are still thinking, how is this fooling anyone? The thing is, not everyone has a card that says something so specific. Each spectators cards are different. They are also kept private. So during the show, while the “medium” is contacting “the dead” they key in on a person who has given them the best info. The rest of the audience is completely oblivious to this, therefore they are sometimes even more shocked than the person being given the info.

Here is an example of HOT READING from John Edwards’ show Crossing over.

“O’Neill recalled that while the audience was waiting to be seated, Edward’s aides were scurrying about, striking up conversations and getting people to fill out cards with their name, family tree and other facts. Once inside the auditorium, where each family was directed to reassigned seats, more than an hour passed before show time while “technical difficulties” backstage were corrected.”

This hour of technical difficulties is all misdirection. By this point the rest of the audience has completely forgotten any of this has taken place.

I personally find this baffling how people can be duped like this, until I read 2 Timothy 4:3. People will cash in the truth for something even they know to be a lie. If it’s what they want to hear.

This is a tragedy. Our world has been given the Truth in John 14:6, yet they reject Him for something that makes them comfortable, or gives them pleasure.

Our world needs Jesus. Our world needs the Truth.

It is a shame that this is allowed to happen, but unfortunately this kind of deception has even invaded the Church. More on that next time.

Have you ever seen someone Cold Read or Hot Read?

What was your reaction?

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