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Chick-fil-a Leads to Serious Apologetics

I don’t quite know how it happened, but a Facebook post about supporting the fast food chain Chick-Fil-A on August 1st spiraled into a massive debate about moral relativism and the existence of Jesus.  These two topics are not directly related, but a few Kevin Bacon steps do in fact lead one to another.

If you haven’t been following it, Chick-Fil-A’s President and COO, Dan Cathy, made a statement supporting traditional marriage.  Normally no one would bat an eye for a company stating their stance on a “culture war” issue, but this time a company came out in with a Biblical world view, and the world isn’t happy.  It’s to be expected when you make a stand as a Christian.  You should expect backlash and resistance. The thing is, you have two response options.

  1. You can bury your head in the sand and hope no one brings the topic up in your presence so you can avoid confrontation all together.

  2. The other option is to proactively equip yourself with the tools necessary to engage people with the message of Jesus.


Make no mistake, the first option is without a doubt the easiest thing we can do as followers of Christ.  It’s easy to ask Jesus to save you and forgive you…and sit on the sidelines.  Let’s face it we don’t want to have to stand up to criticism.  We might not know the answers.  Unfortunately, that’s not an excuse.  We can’t stand before God one day and say, “God I was scared of the risk so I just buried my talent in the sand.”  If you want to find out the result of this response, check out Matthew 25.

Well Done

I don’t want God to be disappointed in me.  I want to hear, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

One of my favorite parables is when Jesus feeds the 5000.  The only person who thought, “I might get hungry today” was a small boy.  He brought 5 loaves of barley bread (a shabby bread by the world’s standards) and two fish.  What he did though changed my life.

He didn’t offer Jesus 3 loaves and 1 fish.  He didn’t say, “Here Jesus you can have what I have left over.”

He gave Jesus everything.

The world may not look at it as much, but look at what God did because the boy gave his everything.

Everything he had he gave to Jesus to use and bless thousands.  God has called all of us to be like that little boy.  We are called to give God our everything and hold nothing back.  If we start to live our life in a way that says daily, “God I’m giving you my everything” this world will take notice.


Matthew 5:14 says let your light shine bright enough where people take notice.  God wants us to put the time in necessary to effectively reach the world for Christ out of love.  We can’t attack or harass people who don’t believe like us.  We have to approach them in love.

Some of the answers on the Facebook post kinda sadden me because they tend to have a, “You’ll find out you were wrong when you’re burning in Hell” attitude.


We are called to love others.  We are called to give God our everything.  That involves putting the time in studying and learning how to approach the arguments and apply 2 Corinthians 10:5 to them.

For more info on answering the tough questions check out these posts  Tough Questions  and Here

When is the last time you gave God your everything?

What did it cost you?

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