Insights through Illusion for Daily Living

Update for August

Thought I’d take a minute today to just give you guys an update into our ministry and all of the things going on.

God has opened up a lot of great doors for us this past year, and has allowed us to work with some truly awesome people in our effort to share the Gospel all over the world. We have revamped and added all kinds of new material for the show, and have been debuting some newer stuff ever so slightly over the past few months. On the illusion end of things, right now I am working on revamping the bed of nails into something that has literally never been done before by anyone. Hopefully I’ll have more news on that in the next coming weeks as I start putting it together.

We have just gotten in our newest t-shirts, which will be available for sale on the merch store next week. Here is a picture of the two versions of the shirt.



And here is the girls version.


So be sure to check out those at the merch store

We had a great weekend this past week in Owensboro, KY. They were originally expecting about 150 people, but nearly 700 showed up. It was a great night, great people to perform for. The best part of everything though was the response to the Gospel. It’s always so cool to see God move.

Today is going to be a bit short because unfortunately Hurricane Isaac decided to just hover and sling rain on us all day long. So here is an interactive trick that you can try that will remind you of sunny and brighter days.

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