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Psychic Reveals His “Ability”

This is awesome!

Check out this PSA revealing how psychics get seemingly impossible info on people!

Love it!

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See You At The Pole


This is it. This is your chance to really impact your area for Christ.

Right now, think about the people you know who sit beside you in class or that you pass in the hallway everyday. Maybe sometimes you talk to them, laugh with them, or completely ignore them. Here is what all of those people have in common, no matter how vastly different the appear.

They all need Jesus Christ.

Romans 3:23 says that we will always fall short of the glory of God. That on our own, there is nothing we can do to ever be good enough to go to heaven. Our sin separates us from God. Romans goes on further in 6:23 to say because of that sin, we deserve to die.


Death? That seems harsh right? I mean God is supposed to be all about love right? Here is the thing though, the verse doesn’t end there. It goes on to say that we have a free gift in Jesus Christ if we put our faith in Him.

So the breakdown is, we all sin-we all deserve death-Jesus died for our sin in our place-Jesus rose from the dead-we put our faith in Him-He gives us eternal life.

Simply put. Jesus Christ loves all of us so much that He died for us and wants us to be with Him. Your world needs to hear this. Your friends family and people you barely know that are in your circle need to hear this.

Tell someone today about Christ. We all need it.


Apologetics Tuesday: Married Jesus?

The Da Vinci Debunked?

Last week I introduced the topic of the “Jesus/Mithra Myth” theory. It looks at face value that Jesus story was highly influenced by Mithraism until you look closer at those pesky things known as facts. Facts are those things that Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code, really has a problem with. His books are generally filled with fabrications based solely on fiction. If you have read The Da Vinci Code you’ll know that the main claim that Brown makes is (Spolier Alert….) that Jesus somehow survived crucifixion, (See here for the debunking of this theory and Here) and married Mary Magdalene and fathered children.

This sounds preposterous especially when put up against the facts. The book came out nearly a decade ago, but this idea of a married Jesus hasn’t died the way it should have, due to the preface in Brown’s book saying that all of it is factual. I suppose in fiction you can even fictitiously label fiction as fact in the preface. However just last week a woman came out with a fragment dating to the 4th century that she claims proves that Jesus was in fact married to Mary Magdalene.

Check out this video debunking this crazy notion.

Circle Making

Praying in Circles

So I picked up the book the circle maker. It seems a little offputting at first, but when you dig into it and realize the power in prayer it’s a little bit mind-blowing.

One of the coolest things I took away, is that God doesn’t want our vague or general prayers. He wants us to be specific. He wants us to be real with him. If we”re not, if we”re just praying in vague generalities, then it’s no big deal.

This Week…

Karla and I are heading out on a pretty long trip to share the gospel through our ministry all across the country. And after reading I found that we have some pretty specific prayer request about God moving in lives of young people. One of the things we want to see is hundred’s come to know Christ. It’s through him and only through him, but that is the coolest part about it.

When I look back at the Old Testament and New Testament and see stories of people who are not ashamed but bold to pray and ask God for things, I see incredible miracles in their lives. It’s one of those things that we take for granted sometimes, Our God is still powerful God is still God of this university can do miracles in our lives if we ask if we allow him.

The author mentions circling Jericho, and the fact that sometimes we take our own plans into actions without God. But imagine what all the military strategist must’ve thought about people marching around the walls of Jericho. instead of invading with siege weapons, they marched silently around the city. They must’ve thought they were crazy, but they knew who was going to fight the battle. That’s what’s so awesome about following Christ we know who goes before  us to fight our battles.

He has Overcome the World…

We know in scripture that things  may be tough that this world may be too strong for us, but the best part is we know who has overcome the world.

Pray with us and for us as we seek to reach those who are lost around our nation.

Apologetics Tuesday: Did Jesus Exist Part 1

Sorry this is so late in going up today, but unfortunately WordPress was being unhelpful earlier.

So as I introduced last Tuesday, the new segment for Tuesdays is going to be Apologetics Tuesdays. You ask what’s different being that I generally cover all things Apologetics? The idea for the new Tuesday segment is that I will scoop up questions that may be popular in the news or on Facebook throughout the week that are Apologetics related, and serve them up here. Feel free to add any comments or questions as we go along.

This week I thought I’d hit a topic that I really never thought I’d have to seriously hit.

Did Jesus……..Ever actually exist?

Really? I know it sounds crazy. In that question we are not positing that Jesus is the son of God, but no did He even exist? Now that probably sounds absolutely nutty to you as it should.  The lady in the library today said, “Why do they buy such stupid books?” when she picked up a copy of agnostic New Testament scholar, Bart Ehrman’s, book Did Jesus Exist?

She was confused that people actually stopped and questioned it. Now to Bart Ehrman’s credit, he is actually taking on the fringe craziness of the likes of Dr. Richard Carrier and others on the internet.

They claim that the story of Jesus was an amalgam of myth borrowed from pagan traditions such as the god Mithras. The problem is that these “borrowed traditions” date much later than the earliest writings we have of the New Testament.

The problem with these claims is that they are not using facts and checking the original sources of these pagan myths to even compare Jesus to. They purport something that sounds good against Christianity at first, until you actually dig into the source material they claim to be citing…..and you get a drastically different story.

Here is just one example of the Jesus/Mithras myth theory being debunked.

So you can see that these claims by these fringe skeptics and “scholars” are not based on fact, but rather chips on shoulders and straws grasped at.

Why do people even try to claim that He never existed? My guess is the accountability factor and what happens if Jesus really is the way the truth and the life. That would mean that our lives do have purpose, that each other person is created in God’s own image, and that we shouldn’t put ourselves first.

It’s a groundbreaking idea that shakes the worldview of our culture.

Why do we settle for passing out milk?

Time to Eat

Eventually a baby has to stop drinking just milk, and be weaned by the mother. We know how incredibly bizarre it is when women get on Dr. Phil talking about nursing their 6 year old.

It’s a basic and simple thing that as we grow as humans, we require more than just milk for us to grow. If your entire diet consisted of just milk you would be so weak and feeble you couldn’t function. Our bodies require much more.

There is a reason the Bible compares spiritual teaching to food. Our spirit requires nourishment for us to grow. As youth pastors and pastors, and anyone else in a leadership position much like a shepherd, a requirement to nourish your flock. The problem that I have seen too many times over the past several years is that sometimes we are trying to ask people to grow and flourish on just spiritual milk. The problem comes that when they encounter their first sign of disagreement, they cave in to whatever the opposing side is because they have no muscle to hold them up and give them wisdom through the situation.


Now obviously there is another side to this same coin. I’ve also seen people trying to force feed Fois Gras and Filet Mignon to spiritual babies. Their systems can’t quite handle it, and it wrecks them.

They don’t need more best friends…trust me

This feeding of weak food is often glossed over by  the “being your youth’s best friend” mentality. This is not a job description of a youth pastor. They don’t need someone to be their best friend. They need someone they can trust who they can go to, who will feed them a spiritual meal to help them to continue growing.

There is clearly a fine line to walk seeing that you preach to a mixed crowd of growth levels each Wednesday night. Here’s an idea though. Try instead of catering to the most new-born babies of the group and expecting that to be enough for the rest of your crowd, setting the bar a little higher.

The greatest problem that our future culture awaits is the entitlement mindset of students who have had the bar constantly lowered and lowered until we expect nothing but the worst from students and are proud and “tolerant” when we get those results. You students will never strive to go higher over the bar if it never gets raised.

Try it out tonight. Try raising the bar, upping the ante a little tonight in your message. An “everything is about love and fun” message isn’t going to cut it anymore. Fire up the grills and let’s get started serving these students some real spiritual food.

What do you find is the greatest hindrance of growth in your students?

Sound off in the comments below!

Apologetics Tuesday!

For the last few months there have been sporadic posts about apologetics and such, but starting today is Apologetics Tuesday. Basically I will take questions from all over the place, both from Christian and non-Christian sources and answer them.

Questions on morality, truth, creation, the universe, and whatever else comes up, the forum is yours.

The field of apologetics is hot right now. Why is that? People are hungry for truth. They are hungry for a way to properly express and communicate their faith to their friends and coworkers, without being afraid of what they might hear in response.

Now to clarify a heavily misunderstood point that is often brought up by Apologetics “opponents” in the Christian faith, that the Spirit is the only one who can convince someone of the truth. I totally agree, but we are called to share the truth in the most effective way possible. Being ignorant of a subject or topic isn’t an excuse for not sharing with someone, because, “The Spirit will get them or He won’t.” I don’t think that is a healthy mind set at all, but merely a cop out.

Diversity in Apologetics

We do in fact live in a diverse culture. What I mean by that is, a tactic or philosophy that you might use on one person, could be completely ineffective for others. For instance if you are talking to someone who is Jewish, you may not bring up the same evidence that you would to an atheist. The field is so varied and broad, that there is always something new to learn.

In dealing with a Jewish friend, I recommend starting the conversation about the Old Testament they were most likely given at their Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and reading Isaiah 53. you then ask them who they think that verse is talking about. I have read incredible stories of people who have come to Jesus after being presented with this subject.

So starting next week, Apologetics Tuesday officially kicks off. Send in your questions or comments and follow along!

What questions do you have?

Could it be more Obvious

Watch this video first.

Look where the mom comes from with the picture of the boy’s dad.

Really? I mean I can see a picture of a guy across the room pointing to what looks like a name-tag and say, “did he wear a name tag that maybe said…”

It’s not like they responded by recalling a memory, but she get’s a picture….from in sight.

These is the kind of “skills” that Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium, employs to con people and lie to them.

I have had a conversation with a former psychic (not former because he reformed mind you, but because he retired) who told me, of course he knew he was lying during psychic readings, but the help it brought people was enough for him….

Yeah after my jaw got of the ground, I thought about that for a minute. Notice when you see a psychic on tv, when they tell someone something that a loved one said, they only tell them things that make them feel better. It’s absolutely insane.

It shouldn’t surprise us thought that there are people in this life who lie and deceive, after all Jesus warned us about that all throughout His ministry.

Do not be deceived by these con artists, but put your trust into something that is absolute. If you want to talk about people who can communicate after death, then talk to the person who conquered death.

The fact that Jesus rose from the dead is not a con, it’s not a scam, but it’s truth.