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Why do we settle for passing out milk?

Time to Eat

Eventually a baby has to stop drinking just milk, and be weaned by the mother. We know how incredibly bizarre it is when women get on Dr. Phil talking about nursing their 6 year old.

It’s a basic and simple thing that as we grow as humans, we require more than just milk for us to grow. If your entire diet consisted of just milk you would be so weak and feeble you couldn’t function. Our bodies require much more.

There is a reason the Bible compares spiritual teaching to food. Our spirit requires nourishment for us to grow. As youth pastors and pastors, and anyone else in a leadership position much like a shepherd, a requirement to nourish your flock. The problem that I have seen too many times over the past several years is that sometimes we are trying to ask people to grow and flourish on just spiritual milk. The problem comes that when they encounter their first sign of disagreement, they cave in to whatever the opposing side is because they have no muscle to hold them up and give them wisdom through the situation.


Now obviously there is another side to this same coin. I’ve also seen people trying to force feed Fois Gras and Filet Mignon to spiritual babies. Their systems can’t quite handle it, and it wrecks them.

They don’t need more best friends…trust me

This feeding of weak food is often glossed over by  the “being your youth’s best friend” mentality. This is not a job description of a youth pastor. They don’t need someone to be their best friend. They need someone they can trust who they can go to, who will feed them a spiritual meal to help them to continue growing.

There is clearly a fine line to walk seeing that you preach to a mixed crowd of growth levels each Wednesday night. Here’s an idea though. Try instead of catering to the most new-born babies of the group and expecting that to be enough for the rest of your crowd, setting the bar a little higher.

The greatest problem that our future culture awaits is the entitlement mindset of students who have had the bar constantly lowered and lowered until we expect nothing but the worst from students and are proud and “tolerant” when we get those results. You students will never strive to go higher over the bar if it never gets raised.

Try it out tonight. Try raising the bar, upping the ante a little tonight in your message. An “everything is about love and fun” message isn’t going to cut it anymore. Fire up the grills and let’s get started serving these students some real spiritual food.

What do you find is the greatest hindrance of growth in your students?

Sound off in the comments below!

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