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Apologetics Tuesday: Did Jesus Exist Part 1

Sorry this is so late in going up today, but unfortunately WordPress was being unhelpful earlier.

So as I introduced last Tuesday, the new segment for Tuesdays is going to be Apologetics Tuesdays. You ask what’s different being that I generally cover all things Apologetics? The idea for the new Tuesday segment is that I will scoop up questions that may be popular in the news or on Facebook throughout the week that are Apologetics related, and serve them up here. Feel free to add any comments or questions as we go along.

This week I thought I’d hit a topic that I really never thought I’d have to seriously hit.

Did Jesus……..Ever actually exist?

Really? I know it sounds crazy. In that question we are not positing that Jesus is the son of God, but no did He even exist? Now that probably sounds absolutely nutty to you as it should.  The lady in the library today said, “Why do they buy such stupid books?” when she picked up a copy of agnostic New Testament scholar, Bart Ehrman’s, book Did Jesus Exist?

She was confused that people actually stopped and questioned it. Now to Bart Ehrman’s credit, he is actually taking on the fringe craziness of the likes of Dr. Richard Carrier and others on the internet.

They claim that the story of Jesus was an amalgam of myth borrowed from pagan traditions such as the god Mithras. The problem is that these “borrowed traditions” date much later than the earliest writings we have of the New Testament.

The problem with these claims is that they are not using facts and checking the original sources of these pagan myths to even compare Jesus to. They purport something that sounds good against Christianity at first, until you actually dig into the source material they claim to be citing…..and you get a drastically different story.

Here is just one example of the Jesus/Mithras myth theory being debunked.

So you can see that these claims by these fringe skeptics and “scholars” are not based on fact, but rather chips on shoulders and straws grasped at.

Why do people even try to claim that He never existed? My guess is the accountability factor and what happens if Jesus really is the way the truth and the life. That would mean that our lives do have purpose, that each other person is created in God’s own image, and that we shouldn’t put ourselves first.

It’s a groundbreaking idea that shakes the worldview of our culture.


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