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Is there a reason to be good at all?

Be Good…?

This was a famous bus campaign in the UK around Christmas time. It poses a pretty strong statement. There is a glaring problem though that even the most pronounced atheists cannot answer. That simple question is based around the word “why”.

On what grounds are there to be good for goodness sake? What basis is there for being good? If there is no God, then objective morals and duties don’t exist. If objective morals and duties don’t exist, then the notion of being good for goodness sake is merely a silly notion with no basis for reality.


Think about it for a minute. If there is no God, then the ultimate purpose of human life is to propagate your own genetic line. The goal being to pass your genes on, no matter what the cost. If that is the ultimate purpose being that without God, we are just molecules in motion, then why in the world would we be involved in relief work? I see atheists all the time talking about the humanitarian aid they are a part of. Getting past the sound of people patting themselves on the backs, you look deeper and see that what they are doing is directly contrary to what they profess with their mouths.

On atheism, there is no value for human life other than your own. There is no need to help others. In fact it might do your offspring good to eliminate others that might take away from your resources. Dan Barker and Sam Harris try to say that of course morality can be based without God. They then redefine the word good to mean whatever causes the least harm. The problem is though that on atheism this is merely just an opinion without any philosophical, scientific, or logical grounds. This becomes something that sounds good on paper, but has zero weight to hold it’s own line of thinking.

Can you be good for goodness sake?

No. Without God, there are no objective morals and duties. At that point it breaks down in to whatever you think being right.

Like abortion, or the Holocaust. Surely the Nazi’s thought what they were doing was right, and on atheism you have no grounds to correct them.

What have you heard people say about right and wrong?

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