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Apologetics Tuesday: Criteria What if it’s True?

Do we have any credible sources for the New Testament?

For the last two weeks, we have looked questions concerning the historical reliablility of the New Testament. Like I said last week, the ramifications of a trustworthy New Testament change the world. We realize that we are sinners and need salvation, only given through Jesus Christ. The question comes in though concerning our main source for Jesus.

The last two weeks have dealt with the historical background of the New Testament and retention of manuscripts since its writing. We discovered that compared to other sources from antiquity, the NT is the most reliable source we have based both on gap in authorship and surviving copies, and the amount of copies that we have. Other sources pale in comparison to the amount of copies the New Testament has.

We are over 99% sure that the New Testament still says what it said in the original autographs.

Now The Big Question.

Is what is written in the New Testament true?

That is the million dollar question. There is some criteria to look at concerning ways to determine the truthfulness of the account given by the NT. Being the best source in antiquity does nothing for us if it is fact a very well preserved myth or legend.

Over the next couple of weeks we will break down the different important criteria about Jesus and the evidence in favor of a truthful NT account of His life.

Some of this criteria includes, early testimony, eye-witness testimony, embarrassing, as well as enemy testimony.

These will help us determine whether what the NT says is actually truth.
Next Week we will dive in to some of these criteria.

What happens if the New Testament is true?

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