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Apologetics Tuesday: Embarrassing Testimony Part 2

So it’s been a short break from Apologetics Tuesday, but I wanted to make a short addition to the last entry about embarrassing testimony. The reason I even thought to add this today is because last night after the show I met a girl who was a Messianic Jew who took exception to something I said in the show.

In the show I mention that the idea of a dying Messiah is completely and totally non Jewish. Through the literature, it’s clear they were looking for a Davidic King Messiah, or a priest in the order Aaron to come and bring sweeping reforms to the Roman rule that they were under. They also held a belief that there was no resurrection of the dead before the general resurrection at the end of the earth. That’s why when Jesus who was supposed to be the Messiah died, it put a pretty embarrassing detail that the disciples had to deal with on their shoulders. If Jesus was dead, how could he be the real messiah? However Jesus vindicated His claim of Messiah and of being God when He rose from the dead. If you were going to make up a story about a Messiah, then you would never have him die. Secondly you wouldn’t come to adopt a belief so incredibly un Jewish that He had risen the dead before the general resurrection, unless something happened that truly changed your mind i.e. He rose from the dead.

Her main point was to show that I was wrong for making that claim about the Jews not believing in a dying and resurrecting messiah because even though there was no literature showing that Jews in the 1st century believed this, that they actually believed it. The problem with this idea though is that there is no literature showing this. Even Jesus’ closest disciples didn’t expect Him to die. Paul and the other disciples go back to the scriptures after the Resurrection to see how wrong they were.

So again these embarrassing and somewhat bizarre details actually historically lend credibility to the narrative that Jesus Rose from the dead.

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