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Self Competing/Contradicting Worldviews.


What if you were called a hypocrite? The burn and sometimes shame that comes with that name is enough to change someone’s behavior sometimes. But what if you didn’t even know you were being one?

Webster’s defines the term Worldview as:

[count] : the way someone thinks about the world
Pretty simple definition I think right? Pretty much self-explanatory. It’s how we think about the world around us. The problem I have noticed though is that many people have two competing world views. One of their mouth, the other of their actions.

Two Teams

What I have noticed, is that Christians have taken a lot of flak over the years for being “hypocrites” according to the world. Now understand much of this kind of name-calling is on point, but others call tough love hypocrisy. They call not condoning, or not “tolerating” sin a type of hypocrisy. The problem is that there is no merit for the claim of hypocrite in this case. We are called to love our neighbors. We are not showing love if we allow the people we care about to continue in harmful behavior.


Now here is where it gets interesting. On the other side of the worldview fence, the atheist side, there is an almost completely unknown battle of self. Atheists claim to hold a worldview of just naturalism. That only matter matters. This can’t make sense in so many ways.

To try and attack Christianity the naturalist has to borrow so many things that cannot exist on his own worldview. He uses logic, appeals to morality, appeals to reason, but unfortunately on a naturalistic worldview, these things just aren’t real. To not believe in objective morality in words, and then turn around and talk on Facebook or Twitter about how evil Chick-fil-a is doesn’t make any sense.

On one hand you have completely denied that morality exists, yet for some reason you are in a position to judge the morality of another’s actions? This is a complete and total fallacy. It makes no sense, yet this is happening all around us all the time. At the same time these people are calling Christian’s hypocrites, their own lives live out a hypocrisy that is completey unknown to them. They espouse one worldview with their mouths, but in their hearts they cannot fight down the knee-jerk reaction to the evil world around us, so they blindly shoe-horn morality, logic, math, reason, and a host of other things into a worldview that doesn’t actually allow them, and then claim them as products of that worldview.

The hypocrisy is not so cut and dry as they see it. They claim the actions of Christians are hypocritical while at the very same moment committing hypocrisy. It’s crazy how onesided and blinded certain people are while at the same time claiming “open-mindedness”

What atheist hypocrisy have you run across?


Does it even matter? Part 1

How old is the Earth?

Some people say that it is very young, only about 6000 years.
While others would say that it is very old.
The main question to consider in all of this however (and slightly overlooked by both sides sometimes) is this most important question…
In the grand scheme of eternity and kingdom work, does it matter how old the Earth is?
Think about it for a second. Before we dive in to looking at the two sides (as if it were just that easy and 2 sided) we need to remember one very important thing. Much like the talks about end times, once saved always saved, women’s role in ministry or discussions on the genre and structure of Biblical texts, this is an in-house debate for Christians. What I mean by that is, this is something that we need to discuss and dialogue about amongst each other, but when it comes to being in front of atheists and other non-believers, this should not be our hobby-horse or main focus.

Breaking Fellowship?-Not necessary.

The problem really comes in when the two sides start attacking each other in front of others. This doesn’t happen too often thankfully, but again much like any of the other topics listed above, there are multiple viewpoints each with their own merits.
I have personally seen one side tell the other side that if they don’t agree with them, then they have a very low view of scripture. This is particularly evident when it comes to the age of the earth argument.
Young earth creationists (I’ll call them YECs) think that OECs have a low view of scripture because they are not reading the 7 days of creation as literal seven days. However the OEC’s would argue that they are in no way diminishing the scripture because of the Hebrew language and the genre of the Pentateuch.
But before we even look at the merits of either side we have to note that there are multiple YECs and OECs views. For instance a YEC might hold the view based on modern cosmology and physics that the universe is in fact around 13.6 billion years old, with a relatively young earth. Likewise many OEC might take the view of a very old earth with 7 literal days of creation with ages in between the days.
So just in the last paragraph alone you see that the issue is not so cut and dry as we tend to think it is.
What’s important to remember is that neither view diminishes what Christ did on the cross for us. Neither view keeps Him in the grave. That is why this is an in-house debate, because if we are honest with ourselves, at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter how old the earth is if Christ is risen. That’s the central claim to our faith not the age of the earth or the timing of the rapture.