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Episode 3: The No Episode!

The No Episode

Bryan and Karla dive in to all the ins and outs of why one would say no in the magic business.
Why would you say no to a gig?
Why would you say no to an effect?
Why do you say no at an event?
Plus a new segment of the show is introduced!
The Magic Impact Segment. The first installment of the new Magic Impact segment is on maximizing your predictions. How do you make a prediction matter and take it to the next level. What can cause  a prediction to fall flat?
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Bryan Drake Show Podcast Episode 2: Managing the Audience

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Magicians Bryan and Karla discuss the trickiness of managing your audience. Not only in picking the right person, but keeping control while on stage. Whether you do close-up or stage magicians, there are some tips here.

Also Bryan inadvertantly makes fun of a deaf girl onstage without knowing. Fun (read embarrassing) times. For the illusionist, magician, or mentalist in all of us.

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This was such a great year for us as a ministry. God took us all over the country and let us share the Gospel with over 30,000 people. I had the opportunity to take the Bryan Drake Show to Guatemala which was a great experience.

My favorite thing about 2013 was seeing hundreds of students come to know Jesus. My 2nd favorite thing though for 2013 was looking forward to the birth of our daughter Harper. At the time of writing this, she isn’t here yet, but we can’t wait.

Thanks for making 2013 an awesome year. Pray with us for an even crazier 2014 (except without looking forward to another child…2 under 2 I don’t think so lol)

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Bryan Drake Promo

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Update for June

Just wanted to catch everyone up on what’s been going on with us lately. This spring we had a chance to be in front of 20,000 jr. high students on the Presence Tour. It was awesome to see God move through so many lives all across the country. Apart from the tour we’ve seen over 120 people come to know Christ. That is the fuel that keeps us moving ahead.

Lately some of my first students I taught when I was a jr. high pastor have been coming over to talk all things apologetics/theology/anything else. It’s so awesome to see the passion that these students have for God’s word. Starting at their age as early adults, they are in a position to turn the tide in this dark world. After all we are the light of the world, a city set on a hill. We have to keep shining no matter how dark or occluded it gets.

Last but not least we are super excited about our new promo video and can’t wait to show it to you. Hopefully you should be the first to see it next week if all goes to plan. The rough draft looked great! It’s the vision that Karla, Gresham, and I had in order for it to be used as promo for us yes, but also as a ministry tool for pastors and youth pastors. So stay tuned to find out more.


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Apologetics tuesday will continue this week! Sorry for the lull.

We also have some very exciting news that I can only tease right now….


Hmmmm…..what else? Oh yeah the nerd side of me is about to burst at the seems because of Man of Steel this week. Not gonna lie I’ve watched the previews waaaaay too many times ha ha. It’s gonna be fun.


Well anyway check out the new video and keep up with us on facebook and twitter to see where we will be!

One of my favorites

This is one of my favorite tricks of all time, that I have decided to teach on my DVD. Classic!

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Apologetics Tuesday: The impact of The Resurrection

We just celebrated the greatest news known to mankind. That He is alive. That simple fact changes everything. It isn’t minuscule or obscure, but it changes absolutely everything.

Check out this video I shot about what The Resurrection does.

False Dilemma is no Dilemma at All.

If you have been in a philosophy class for more than a month, then you have heard this argument presented.

One of the oldest arguments about morality comes from Plato’s dialogues. A student named Euthyphro asks Socrates if the gods will something because it is good, or is something good because the gods will it to be good?

Let’s break down these two “horns” of the dilemma.

1. Do the gods will something because it’s good?

This means that there is some concept of universal good that is outside of God that he just ascribes to. This means that God is in essence unnecessary for morality.

2. Is something good just because the gods will it?

This basically means that God can just will whatever He wants to be good or evil. For instance if today God willed murder and rape to be moral and kindness to be evil, then it would be. That God can choose on a whim what’s good and what’s bad, and that He can change it at any time arbitrarily. This is clearly not the God that we see.

This presented through the ages by atheists against God and biblical morality because it’s presented as a real dilemma. The problem is that it isn’t a real dilemma at all. An actual dilemma means that you are presented with two and only two options that you must choose between.

di- “two” + lemma “premise, anything received or taken,”

However it’s not an actual dilemma at all. A false dilemma is a situation where there are only two options presented, but they are in fact not the only two options available. This is known as splitting the horns.

So what is the answer then?

The true answer is that “the good” that Plato wrote about is in fact grounded in God’s nature. Or to say it as @ReasonableFaith ‘s Dr. William Lane Craig says it, That something is good because God IS good. Things like love, compassion, justice, kindness are part of God’s unchanging nature. They are not arbitrary, but they are also not from something external either.

God is Himself the good and is the source of our moral duties.

How have you heard this presented before?

Torn and Restored Card

This is a classic Torn and Restored Card trick done in a very visual way backstage on the CIY Believe Tour.

The tour has been awesome so far!
Check it out and see more soon.

Insane Card Trick

So here is a video of one of my absolute favorite card tricks of all time. Check it out, and visit the new subscription page at


No I’m not talking about suggestion in the sense of, “maybe you should try the crab bisque”, but rather in the sense of psychology and dealing with the conscious mind.

A definition of suggestion is

The act of focusing the conscious mind of the subject upon a single dominant idea.

The idea that your brain can be so focused on an idea that it can cause a change in your own physical body or stimuli. Perhaps causing your hands to do something or your mind to forget certain words in an experiment. Here is a simple example that everyone can try that involves your hands and suggestion.

Give it a shot and let me know how it goes for you.

Interactive Mentalism

Check out the first in a series of interactive mentalism videos that you can try right now.

This is an old effect that uses concentration and psychology to completely vanish your chosen card.

Give it a shot and pass it on to your friends.

The Long Island Scam

If you have not had a chance to read any of my posts on exposing “psychics” or mediums, check them out Cold Reading,here hot readingbefore watching this video.

Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, is a part of TLC’s cash cow of reality tv shows. The show chronicles the daily life of “psychic medium” Theresa Caputo as she encounters the spirits in the world around her. Makes for great ratings if you are easily swayed and don’t have the facts, but that’s what I’m here for.

Once you know what’s going on here, you can see right through everything that is being done by this swindler.

Check out this video of her

Inspiration from the past

If you have seen our show, you know that at the beginning I like to open up with some card manipulation. Making them appear and vanish from mid air. Truthfully this is what got me in to doing magic as a kid. I saw this on tv and wanted do it. I spent years practicing every time I got my hands on some cards. These classic effects really never go out of the style.

Here is a glimpse of how people used to do manipulation in the past. This is already one of the hardest skills in all of magic, but this performer, Cardini, does the sleights with gloves on. This is nearly impossible for most magicians, but he mastered it. The story is why he wore gloves is that in World War I, he was in the trenches. His hands were cold being from outside for nearly 15 hours of the day everyday. So to keep himself entertained he practiced with cards, with his gloves on. Making him one of a kind, and one of the best performers ever.

This goes against the paradigm so popular today that anything old is stupid and outdated. Our culture looks at any old idea as antiquated and barbaric even if it is sound and healthy logic. One such pastor recently got up in MO and (in my opinion) made a fool of himself by standing up for a non biblical stance because people used to use similar arguments for slavery. The problem is, his argument, although compelling in passion and emotion fell completely flat when it came to logic and sense.

As Christians we can’t get caught up in the mindset that traditional biblical values are bad because they are old. That simply doesn’t follow.

Houdini and Halloween

86 years ago the great Harry Houdini died. There’s a misconception over his death due to a movie that came out a while back in which Houdini died in a water escape. Not true. The story is actually kind of weird. Houdini had a challenge in which he told people that he could take any punch from anybody. Well a college boy asked if he could try, and before Houdini was ready (flexing his abs I assume) the boy punched him very hard. He then died a few days later of appendicitis. I may be unconnected, but clearly his appendix burst.

He died on Halloween of 1926. Houdini had a great legacy of debunking “psychics and mediums” that I like to carry on today.

Houdini is also the father of some the worlds most famous illusions, many of which are still performed to this day. One of the signature pieces in our show is Houdini’s Metamorphosis. Which if you’ve seen our show, you know that Karla and I have one of the fastest versions in the world.

So take a little time to remember the great Harry Houdini today.

One Thing

This is without a doubt one of my favorite magic acts. Why? because of its simplicity. There is one technique involved here, yet everything is done to perfection with art. Omar Pasha, knows his strength, and uses them to the best of his ability. This guy does one thing, but he does it with absolute excellence.

Each and every one of us has certain gifts and abilities given to us by God to use for His glory. It’s our choice whether we are going to accept the gifts and abilities that we have, or if we will be like the third servant in the parable Jesus told burying it in the sand.

I know at the end of my life, I want to hear Him say, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

I don’t want to be the guy that disappoints God by wasting my gift.

Use what He has given you to make an impact for Him today.

What gifts do you have?

Psychic Reveals His “Ability”

This is awesome!

Check out this PSA revealing how psychics get seemingly impossible info on people!

Love it!

Share this with everyone.

Could it be more Obvious

Watch this video first.

Look where the mom comes from with the picture of the boy’s dad.

Really? I mean I can see a picture of a guy across the room pointing to what looks like a name-tag and say, “did he wear a name tag that maybe said…”

It’s not like they responded by recalling a memory, but she get’s a picture….from in sight.

These is the kind of “skills” that Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium, employs to con people and lie to them.

I have had a conversation with a former psychic (not former because he reformed mind you, but because he retired) who told me, of course he knew he was lying during psychic readings, but the help it brought people was enough for him….

Yeah after my jaw got of the ground, I thought about that for a minute. Notice when you see a psychic on tv, when they tell someone something that a loved one said, they only tell them things that make them feel better. It’s absolutely insane.

It shouldn’t surprise us thought that there are people in this life who lie and deceive, after all Jesus warned us about that all throughout His ministry.

Do not be deceived by these con artists, but put your trust into something that is absolute. If you want to talk about people who can communicate after death, then talk to the person who conquered death.

The fact that Jesus rose from the dead is not a con, it’s not a scam, but it’s truth.

One Nail…

Would tear right through you, but multiple nails provides just enough support to hold a persons’s body weight.

The Bed of nails is nothing mystical, but a matter of physics. Now what they don’t tell you in your science class is that if you don’t have just enough nails, then it is incredibly painful. They also fail to mention that every single movement you make shifts your weight, driving different nails into your skin in different places.

Why don’t they tell you these things? Because in a demonstration of physics they aren’t important, because you simply lay still and everyone wonders at the marvels of physics…Not really. They wonder and ask if it hurts, but they may move on thinking back to 8th grade science when they saw the demonstration for themselves.

Why the mundane attitude? Because what I am doing in my newest escape is something that has never been done by anyone anywhere, ever.

A real magician does something new…

What I have developed is something that has never been seen on any stage anywhere. It is something that could truly be deadly. I have taken the bed of nails from it’s physics class roots and brought it to a place that will be unforgettable.

Stay tuned this fall to see what happens with the Bed of Nails.

Update for August

Thought I’d take a minute today to just give you guys an update into our ministry and all of the things going on.

God has opened up a lot of great doors for us this past year, and has allowed us to work with some truly awesome people in our effort to share the Gospel all over the world. We have revamped and added all kinds of new material for the show, and have been debuting some newer stuff ever so slightly over the past few months. On the illusion end of things, right now I am working on revamping the bed of nails into something that has literally never been done before by anyone. Hopefully I’ll have more news on that in the next coming weeks as I start putting it together.

We have just gotten in our newest t-shirts, which will be available for sale on the merch store next week. Here is a picture of the two versions of the shirt.



And here is the girls version.


So be sure to check out those at the merch store

We had a great weekend this past week in Owensboro, KY. They were originally expecting about 150 people, but nearly 700 showed up. It was a great night, great people to perform for. The best part of everything though was the response to the Gospel. It’s always so cool to see God move.

Today is going to be a bit short because unfortunately Hurricane Isaac decided to just hover and sling rain on us all day long. So here is an interactive trick that you can try that will remind you of sunny and brighter days.

Theater Fire


At the time, Harry Blackstone was considered the world’s greatest magician.  To this day, his legacy lives on not only through his extended family in the business, but through his legendary effects like the one seen above. Blackstone was also one of the few magicians able to bridge the gap from the vaudeville stage to the tv camera.

However to an audience full of people in Decatur, Illinois in 1942, he not only became the greatest illusionist of the time, but saved their lives as well.

Blackstone got word that the theater had caught fire midway through the act. As you and I know the one counter to freedom of speech that people always mention is, “Yelling fire in a crowded theater.” Knowing the pandemonium and danger that this would have caused had he stopped the show to tell the audience, Blackstone came up with a plan on the spot.

He told the audience that the conclusion to his show was something brand new that. Something no one had ever seen before. He said that it was so large that it must be viewed from outside the theater. The people in the audience naturally excited to see something like this, filed out of the room in a neat and orderly fashion row by row, at Blackstone’s instruction. No one tripped or trampled like they would had they known it was a fire.


Blackstone used his platform and his position to save hundreds of lives that day.

If you think about that, what influence do you have that people heed your advice? Perhaps at work or school? Do you just relay information when it comes to the Gospel, or do you invest your talents and your platform wisely into a unique way that causes people to stop and really listen to what you have to say?

The Gospel speaks for itself. The Spirit is the one who changes, but if we just throw the message out there like a ton of bricks, people are going to want to run. They aren’t going to care if they aren’t engaged. This is a sad but true fact of our entitlement and instant gratification culture.

Use your gifts and abilities to reach people today. That may be music, speaking, athletics, the list goes on and one. It may be something that doesn’t appear to be a gift at all. Use whatever God has blessed you with to reach others for him. The focus is on Christ, the goal is to bring him glory through our gifts and abilities. Start today. Don’t be afraid to use what God has given you for him.


What gifts do you have?



How many times have you had that feeling? Maybe you feel less than useful, or worthless? You look around at the rest of the world and they seem to be happy, but you are sitting in brokenness.

The beautiful thing about being broken though is letting God put the pieces back in the way he planned on. God’s plan for you is so incredible that if you just listen to him, it will be like you were never broken to start with. We despair and think there is no way that our situation can get any darker, until we let go and let God do amazing things.

The most evident way to see God is when we allow ourselves to get out of the way and see the amazing things he can do, but sometimes it takes us being broken to do that, but hold on. It’s always darkest before the dawn, and Joy comes in the morning.

How to Sneak in a Workout in the Church Office Part 2

Time for round 2

Hopefully you got a chance to put my routine from Part 1 into action this past week.  There is no gym membership required, and you don’t have to drive to the gym after a long day of work. Just grab a few copies of a systematic theology textbook, and you can get ripped from just lifting them…

Recap of the Basis

Sometimes it’s easier to just let the idea of working out go.  Why am I even mentioning this on the blog? Our body is a temple.  We are to give God our everything not just spiritually, but physically as well.  I really believe that God wants us to be in good shape and honor him with our bodies.  The problem is though, it’s truly hard to find time for a good workout that is both effective and time manageable.  Which is why I have developed the following two day split that you can do in your church office during lunch.

Obviously diet plays a heavy part, but let’s focus on what you can do in your church office or hotel room today to build lean and strong muscles, while burning fat.

The idea of this plan is to have zero equipment, at max a kettle ball or two dumbbells, and a chin-up bar that can be easily stowed in your office or luggage.

Day 2. Shoulders-Biceps-Triceps

Before we dive in, let’s face it the Shoulders, Biceps, and Triceps are the three muscle areas that really give that “built” look.  Truthfully you can never have too big of shoulders, but biceps and triceps you want a lean but cut look that shows  dense angular muscles. All of what I’m about to teach can be done in the office or hotel room.


Here is an excerpt from one of my favorite blogs on building shoulders with just body weight.


This set of exercises also makes use of the extremely versatile portable chin up doorway bar  that I mentioned last blog.

Bicep Ladder-3 Progressions till failure.

Easy but great exercise using your own body weight to build muscle (one of my favorite and most effective ways to make gains)

You are going to put a chair in front of your Chin up bar.  Place your feet onto the chair at such an angle that you are nearly parallel to the ground (or as close as possible) grab the inner bars that are perpendicular to the chin up bar and begin to curl your biceps lifting your body to the bar.  Do this until you can’t do another rep, then change your angle to make it easier, and repeat until you are almost vertical.

Here is a video tutorial that shows a little more clearly what to do.

Kettle ball or Dumbbell curls. 5 sets 8-10 reps

For starters I recommend about 20 lbs, but do whatever feels good for you, but works you at the same time.
Sit on the edge of your office chair or desk and alternate curls slowly and controlled one at a time.  Make sure you don’t swing them or use momentum, but let the muscle do all of the work.


A lot of people like to ignore the triceps (because they are harder to show when you flex I guess) They are the larger part of your arm muscles and boost the look of your biceps and shoulders all around.

Dips- 5 sets 15-20 reps

Position your chair a few feet from your desk and place your feet on it.  Put your hands down flat about shoulder length apart on onto the flat surface of your desk or hotel bed. let your body sink down making your elbows a 90 degree angle, and then push yourself back up. Again the idea is slow and controlled not bouncy. Change the angle to get the maximum burn.

One arm Triceps Extension 5 sets-8-10 reps

Take your 25 lb kettle ball or dumbbell and hold it straight up above your head in one hand.  Bend at the elbow until the weight touches your back and push the weight back up.  Do with both arms alternating.

I promise you you will build muscle and get strong if you follow this.

Tomorrow wraps up this blog arc with cardio.  Stay tuned and go work out!

What holds you back from working out?

Which of these seems to be the most taxing to you?

How to Get Ripped in the Church Office

Time is the Main Issue

Let’s face it being in an office or in my case in hotels around the country that don’t often have a great gym, can really put a damper on your workout routine.  It would be easy to drive the extra miles to a gym during the time that you don’t have during your packed and busy day, and work out there…right?


Sometimes it’s easier to just let the idea of working out go.  Why am I even mentioning this on the blog? Our body is a temple.  We are to give God our everything not just spiritually, but physically as well.  I really believe that God wants us to be in good shape and honor him with our bodies.  The problem is though, it’s truly hard to find time for a good workout that is both effective and time manageable.  Which is why I have developed the following two day split that you can do in your church office during lunch.

Obviously diet plays a heavy part, but let’s focus on what you can do in your church office or hotel room today to build lean and strong muscles, while burning fat.

The idea of this plan is to have zero equipment, at max a kettle ball or two dumbbells, and a chin-up bar that can be easily stowed in your office or luggage.

Day 1. Chest-Back-Abs


The idea is for quality here not necessarily quantity.  You want to build your chest muscles without developing bloated baggy looking pecs that comes from ridiculous amounts of pushups. So we are going to focus on two exercises that will develop key areas of the chest that will build the right kind of muscle in the right area.

Pushups- 4-5 sets of 8-10 reps.

The idea is to do them slowly with perfect form. This will build strength as well as dense angular muscles.

Incline Pushups- 4-5 sets of 8-10 reps.

This may sound a bit redundant being that we just worked pushups, but placing your feet on a surface such as your office desk or hotel bed raises the focus of the exercise to your upper pecs which help shape them better and avoid that “moob” look.


Hands down the best back exercise are pullups.  If you have the availability to hand one of the portable chin up doorway bar that you can get at Walmart for $20 bucks then by all means do it.

Chin-ups (If bar is available) 5 sets to failure-

First few weeks do as many as you can to failure.  If you can’t do a pull up or chin up, don’t be discouraged you will build into it.  Start by hanging and putting your feet on the floor and assist the lift with your legs however much or little you need to do so.  You will eventually build the strength and be doing pullups unassisted in no time.

Kettle ball or Dumbbell low row. 5 sets 8-10 reps

For starters I recommend about 25 lbs, but do whatever feels good for you, but works you at the same time.
Bend at the waist at about a 45 degree angle while keeping your back straight as a board.  Bend slightly at the knees and pull your weight up to the lower rib cage.  Do it slowly and feel the tug on your lats.


You would think that I would instantly recommend sit ups or crunches, but I say no.  Try to stay away from them as they can really strain your back, without very much payoff.

Planks- 5 minutes total however many sets it takes.

Get into pushup position but then drop to your forearms instead of on your hands.  Keep your body straight and hold this position for 1 to 2 minutes.  Do however many sets it takes for 5 minutes.  This strengthens your core and your abs in ways that you couldn’t imagine.  Plus it’s easy on the back!

Leg lifts/Ab-wheel modified 5 sets 10 reps

If you have the pull up bar mentioned above then hang from the bar and slowly lift your legs up to your chest.  If it’s too hard at first then do it with your knees bent.  The idea is to get it to where you are lifting your legs as straight as possible to your chest.  This works the lower abs gut area that we all desperately want to see go away.

Ab Wheel Modified-

If you don’t have the pull up bar then get down on your hands and knees place your hands close together.  You should be about “table-top” distance from your knees with your hands.  Start the set by sliding your hands about 6 inches away from your start.  Hold for 6 seconds and then move 6 inches further and hold.  Do this until you are stretched almost all the way out hold and then reverse and hold.

This is Day one of a two day split.  The next blog will focus on day 2 which is Shoulders/Biceps/Triceps.  Then I will finish it off with the much needed cardio segment.  Enjoy and let me know your thoughts about the routine.

I promise you you will build muscle and get strong if you follow this.

What holds you back from working out?

Which of these seems to be the most taxing to you?