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This was such a great year for us as a ministry. God took us all over the country and let us share the Gospel with over 30,000 people. I had the opportunity to take the Bryan Drake Show to Guatemala which was a great experience.

My favorite thing about 2013 was seeing hundreds of students come to know Jesus. My 2nd favorite thing though for 2013 was looking forward to the birth of our daughter Harper. At the time of writing this, she isn’t here yet, but we can’t wait.

Thanks for making 2013 an awesome year. Pray with us for an even crazier 2014 (except without looking forward to another child…2 under 2 I don’t think so lol)

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Trusting the New Testament Video 2

Just because a document is 2000 years old, should we write it off as inaccurate or altered just because?


Bryan Drake Promo

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Update for June

Just wanted to catch everyone up on what’s been going on with us lately. This spring we had a chance to be in front of 20,000 jr. high students on the Presence Tour. It was awesome to see God move through so many lives all across the country. Apart from the tour we’ve seen over 120 people come to know Christ. That is the fuel that keeps us moving ahead.

Lately some of my first students I taught when I was a jr. high pastor have been coming over to talk all things apologetics/theology/anything else. It’s so awesome to see the passion that these students have for God’s word. Starting at their age as early adults, they are in a position to turn the tide in this dark world. After all we are the light of the world, a city set on a hill. We have to keep shining no matter how dark or occluded it gets.

Last but not least we are super excited about our new promo video and can’t wait to show it to you. Hopefully you should be the first to see it next week if all goes to plan. The rough draft looked great! It’s the vision that Karla, Gresham, and I had in order for it to be used as promo for us yes, but also as a ministry tool for pastors and youth pastors. So stay tuned to find out more.


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Apologetics tuesday will continue this week! Sorry for the lull.

We also have some very exciting news that I can only tease right now….


Hmmmm…..what else? Oh yeah the nerd side of me is about to burst at the seems because of Man of Steel this week. Not gonna lie I’ve watched the previews waaaaay too many times ha ha. It’s gonna be fun.


Well anyway check out the new video and keep up with us on facebook and twitter to see where we will be!

What is Truth?

Blinded by TruthThose were the words uttered by Pontius Pilate to Jesus as he made judgement over God’s son.

To the culture we live in truth has become whatever you want it to be, as long as it makes you feel good.

  • What’s true for you isn’t true for me

  • There is no truth

–These are the buzzwords of the postmodern, everything is relative culture that we find ourselves in.

The problem is that this may sound great on paper, but it doesn’t work in reality. Take for instance the phrase, “There is no truth.”

That may be the postmodernist’s go to phrase that makes everybody happy and warm fuzzy on the inside. It means that anything we want to believe or put stock in is true, or that any interpretation that you have of any set of values, written works, or ideas is just as valid and binding as the author’s original intent.

There is a glaring problem with that statement though. It’s self contradictory. The phrase makes a liar out of itself basically.

Think about it for a second.

Postmodern Thinker: There is no truth.

Me: …Is that true?

PT: …uhm yes…

Me: …So that’s a truth then?

PT: well no because there is no truth…

Me: So it is NOT true?

PT: …well no, I mean yes, I mean…(Head Explodes)

You see when you start to actually try to make sense of this nonsense it falls apart miserably.

The second phrase.

That may be true for you, but not for me.

Okay much more simple approach. THis is generally used as a cop out for, “I don’t believe what you do, but clearly you do. So even though we both can’t logically be right…we both are?”

Silly right?

How about this try the practical approach to this phrase.

Officer: Do you know how fast you were going?

PT: No sir.

Officer: You were going 70mph.

Pt: well sir that may be true for you, but for me…I was going 35mph.

Officer: …

And after you make your phone call to get bailed out, you realize how foolish that idea is.

It’s pretty speak to make us feel better about the fact that there are in act truths out there. Some of the most important truths out there are moral truths. Things that are objectively right and wrong. If there is no objective truth, then things like murder, rape, theft–they aren’t really wrong, but merely a personal preference.

You can see the danger that this kind of thinking leads to.

What “truth” claims have you heard from postmodernism? Sound off below.

One of my favorites

This is one of my favorite tricks of all time, that I have decided to teach on my DVD. Classic!

If you want to learn this and much more check out the DVD at,


Insane Card Trick

So here is a video of one of my absolute favorite card tricks of all time. Check it out, and visit the new subscription page at

Is the Idea of Sin Outdated?

Political Correctness…

…rules the culture we live in. Any opinion you have can easily be called offensive by someone else. The word tolerance has had a drastic redefinition by those wanting to harness your opinions. Used to the word meant that you clearly disagreed with something, yet “tolerated” a viewpoint that wasn’t your own. Today tolerance means that if you don’t agree with a certain view you are hateful and intolerant.


A lot of this attention is aimed at Christians and our goal to be more like Christ and be less like this sinful world. But there is the word, sin. That’s the one that sets the internet ablaze by armchair atheists looking for an emotional axe to grind to support their chip laden shoulder against God. They begin to quote verses (albeit very out of any historical or even sequential context) like they were Sunday school teachers. Verses about stoning your neighbor for working on the sabbath, or verses about permission to own “slaves”. NOw I’m not going to get into these issues today on this blog, but if you want a quick and awesome  read that can help you with some of the most difficult passages in the Old Testament, check out Paul Copan’s Is God a Moral Monster? You will love it!

But back to the buzzword, sin. In this cultural and political landscape should we even be talking about sin anymore? Isn’t that an outdated notion that people came up with to scare their children into being good, like Santa? This is what a relativistic culture would like us to believe. If you are able to denounce the idea of objective morality, then you can basically say that only Hitler, murderers, and rapists, are sinners and everything else is just a matter of opinion. This idea of acting like sin doesn’t exist is an absolute rebellion against a loving God. Ironically the fact that we identify our sinfulness and evil in this world is actually some of the best evidence that God exists, and that we need Him.

Keep it Fluffy Keep-em Coming

The fear comes though from many pastors and youth pastors in the form of, “Well I shouldn’t talk about sin because I don’t want to run anyone off.” To some that notion sounds just fine because hey why would you want to run anyone away from God? This is an absolute red herring. Yes I agree your first step in evangelism shouldn’t be the Westborough Baptist approach, that’s not winning anyone to the kingdom, but what tends to happen is this mindset, “I’ll get them involved wit church and then start to breach the topic of sin and redemption.” Also a great notion that is following Jesus’ own example with the woman at the well. We sometimes forget the fact that Jesus pointed out her sin, but it was after showing compassion and His true nature of Messiah. What happens though is that we take the mindset above, yet we never quite broach the subject of sin. We talk about the love of God, but never His justice. Truthfully though we see the ultimate demonstration of Christ’s love for us while we are sinners, its when we are aware of our sinful nature. Romans 5:8 clearly says this.

If we are spoon-feeding a sugary sweet gospel of, “God loves everybody and wants you to be the best person you can be no matter what situation you’re in now” without a call to change and repentance clearly seen in the apostle’s, John the Baptist’s, and Jesus’ ministry, we are doing students a huge disservice.

Power Over Sin

For it is God who has the power to break the bonds of sin no matter what they are. God in his awesome power can forgive and change any heart willing to follow him. 1 John 1:9 tells us so. Don’t get caught up in the notion of, “they’re born that way, so maybe they can be the best gay Christian, or adulterous, or drug dealing, or partying, or lying Christian they can be.”

God can and will change us, temptation will always be there which is why serious discipleship needs to take place. Matthew 28, the Great Commission doesn’t stop with making disciples and baptizing them, but the last part is the part we stop with too often.

20 teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you [b]always, even to the end of the age.

We have to continually study the word together and learn how to be like Christ more and more everyday. Our first response to this culture should in fact be the unconditional love of Christ, followed by a call to repentance as seen in Christ’s own example.

Have you heard others water down the gospel beyond recognition?

How do you feel about the idea of sin?

Interactive Mentalism

Check out the first in a series of interactive mentalism videos that you can try right now.

This is an old effect that uses concentration and psychology to completely vanish your chosen card.

Give it a shot and pass it on to your friends.

The Long Island Scam

If you have not had a chance to read any of my posts on exposing “psychics” or mediums, check them out Cold Reading,here hot readingbefore watching this video.

Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, is a part of TLC’s cash cow of reality tv shows. The show chronicles the daily life of “psychic medium” Theresa Caputo as she encounters the spirits in the world around her. Makes for great ratings if you are easily swayed and don’t have the facts, but that’s what I’m here for.

Once you know what’s going on here, you can see right through everything that is being done by this swindler.

Check out this video of her

The New Great Awakening

The Times they are a’changin

When you read this, the election will be over, but at the time of writing this, the 2012 election has not yet occurred. Here it is 24 hours before what could be a huge shift for our country no matter what happens. As Karla and I travel across the country, we see all sorts of different things. Mindsets, opinions, worldviews, whatever you want to call them. What I do know though, is that no matter who wins the election tomorrow night, our country is in need of serious revival.

End Times?

I have heard too many people talk about America like it’s a done deal, like it’s never going to change or get better, or turn to Jesus. This got me thinking though. Every group of Christians since the disciples have thought that their generation was living in the end times, and guess what they were all wrong. We are called to live in such a way that we are sharing Christ through our lives whether He is coming tomorrow, or in 10,000 years. I look back over our history at the events of the Great Awakenings. I’m willing to be that there were voices saying, “Ah what’s the use in trying to change this country, Jesus will be coming back soon and that’ll take care of it.” But you know what? People didn’t just sit on their hands and wait, they prayed. They sought God, and they became active in reaching the world they knew for Christ, and look at the impact it had.

What our country needs, what our world needs is another Great Awakening. “Well I wish someone would start it…”

What about you?

The seeds of an Awakening start with you. You are the catalyst this world needs to wake up. I’m sure people thought the world was too far gone until Charles Finney, and other leaders of the Awakenings started bringing the Word. When they did, unashamed and unapologetic, peoples lives were changed. We have to live the love of Christ so boldly in such a way that draws people to Him. We are the light of the world. It’s time for us to wake up and shine into the rest of this dark world.

We need an awakening, and it starts on an individual level from our knees and spreads outwards.

Wake up, and shake this world.

How can you be the seed of a New Great Awakening?

Apologetics Tuesday: If you don’t like it…redefine it Part 1

The evidence if weighed on a fair philosophical and scientific Clearly tips in the favor of the theist. In fact, dig deeper, and it tips in favor of Christianity.

The idea that the universe was created out of nothing is an unparalleled fact both scientifically and philosophically. It’s a knockout argument, but the problem is when people decide they don’t want to agree with theism or Christianity they just redefine what they mean by certain words.

Two such words come to mind today, first is nothing. Now I think we all know as human beings what the word “nothing” means. It means no thing, nada, zilch, nothing. Nothingness is not just empty space.
Now scientists like Lawrence Krauss like to redefine the word “nothing” to mean a cosmic, quantum vacuum in which energy exists. And out of this pre-existing energy exploded the universe. Now I’m pretty sure if you show that to a nine-year-old they would say energy is not nothing they are going to say, “no energy, now that is something.”

This idea of redefining the word “nothing” to mean whatever you want to be, is really harmful to credibility because it’s a philosophical paradox. On one hand the claim not to be able to use philosophy, but then they try to philosophically worm their way into making a new word out the word “nothing”. They are trying to have it both ways they’re trying to say one hand that the universe came from nothing, but that “nothing” is in fact not “nothing”. The reason they do this is because we know philosophically, and scientifically  the universe came from literally no thing so therefore had to have a cause outside of the universe therefore God.

Check out what Dr. William Lane Craig says about the word nothing.

The universe can’t create itself. That’s logically impossible, therefore the cause of the universe must be a shapeless, timeless, immaterial, highly intelligent, personal being that is God.

Next week we will look at morality and how they try to redefine the word “good”. You think it would be a pretty simple thing to know what good means, one such atheists has “redefined”  it to mean something that is a complete logical circle. This idea of morality also plays into the proof for God. Because God is the greatest conceivable good therefore all of our moral values and duties come from him.

New Highlight Video


Last night was a great chance to minister to some really awesome youth pastors in Gulf Shores, Al.

As much as we focus on evangelism for teens and students, we know how hard the day to day grind can be in youth ministry.

Take some time today to lift up your youth pastor in prayer. These guys are on the front lines of a cultural war for the hearts of our students. They take the day to day flack that you and I may never see.


Last week I put up a blog about our fall tour. Seeing God move the way He did was truly awesome!

So at the top is a highlight video of the fall tour. Check it out and pass it along to all of  your friends!

Update From the Road

Karla and I have been gone since mid September touring different dates around the country. From CO to GA to VA to CA to TX. The coolest thing about getting to do what Karla and I do is that we get to see people come to know Christ from all over the place. Now that’s not to say that there isn’t opposition form the enemy.

Friday night we were in Lynchburg, VA at Thomas Road Baptist Church. There were about 700 students from the community in the room, packing it out. All of the sudden as soon as I got to the meat of the Gospel presentation, the entire sound/video system shut off.

Now if you’ve read some of my posts about hecklers and dealing with issues from the stage, you know how this could easily derail an entire show, but God is bigger than the opposition. I decided I was going to just continue and pray that I was able to project my voice loud enough that everyone could hear.  The miraculous part was that in a room of 700 students, you could have heard a pin drop. It was silent, giving me the perfect atmosphere to continue and share the Gospel without the mic.

God moved, and changed lives that night.

It’s something that Karla and I will never forget. Sometimes we rely so much on making sure that the sound and video are working properly so that everything hits at the right time, that when something like that happens, it reminds us that no matter what I think is going on, God is bigger than this world. That when I feel like even from the stage things are going crazy, Jesus has overcome this world, and I can put my trust and cares on Him, and He will carry us through.

Nothing fires us up more than seeing lives changed for Christ. Pray with us, and for us that God will continue to open doors and give us new strategies to reach people with His message that this world so desperately needs.

A view from the Rocky Mountains.

See You At The Pole


This is it. This is your chance to really impact your area for Christ.

Right now, think about the people you know who sit beside you in class or that you pass in the hallway everyday. Maybe sometimes you talk to them, laugh with them, or completely ignore them. Here is what all of those people have in common, no matter how vastly different the appear.

They all need Jesus Christ.

Romans 3:23 says that we will always fall short of the glory of God. That on our own, there is nothing we can do to ever be good enough to go to heaven. Our sin separates us from God. Romans goes on further in 6:23 to say because of that sin, we deserve to die.


Death? That seems harsh right? I mean God is supposed to be all about love right? Here is the thing though, the verse doesn’t end there. It goes on to say that we have a free gift in Jesus Christ if we put our faith in Him.

So the breakdown is, we all sin-we all deserve death-Jesus died for our sin in our place-Jesus rose from the dead-we put our faith in Him-He gives us eternal life.

Simply put. Jesus Christ loves all of us so much that He died for us and wants us to be with Him. Your world needs to hear this. Your friends family and people you barely know that are in your circle need to hear this.

Tell someone today about Christ. We all need it.

Why do we settle for passing out milk?

Time to Eat

Eventually a baby has to stop drinking just milk, and be weaned by the mother. We know how incredibly bizarre it is when women get on Dr. Phil talking about nursing their 6 year old.

It’s a basic and simple thing that as we grow as humans, we require more than just milk for us to grow. If your entire diet consisted of just milk you would be so weak and feeble you couldn’t function. Our bodies require much more.

There is a reason the Bible compares spiritual teaching to food. Our spirit requires nourishment for us to grow. As youth pastors and pastors, and anyone else in a leadership position much like a shepherd, a requirement to nourish your flock. The problem that I have seen too many times over the past several years is that sometimes we are trying to ask people to grow and flourish on just spiritual milk. The problem comes that when they encounter their first sign of disagreement, they cave in to whatever the opposing side is because they have no muscle to hold them up and give them wisdom through the situation.


Now obviously there is another side to this same coin. I’ve also seen people trying to force feed Fois Gras and Filet Mignon to spiritual babies. Their systems can’t quite handle it, and it wrecks them.

They don’t need more best friends…trust me

This feeding of weak food is often glossed over by  the “being your youth’s best friend” mentality. This is not a job description of a youth pastor. They don’t need someone to be their best friend. They need someone they can trust who they can go to, who will feed them a spiritual meal to help them to continue growing.

There is clearly a fine line to walk seeing that you preach to a mixed crowd of growth levels each Wednesday night. Here’s an idea though. Try instead of catering to the most new-born babies of the group and expecting that to be enough for the rest of your crowd, setting the bar a little higher.

The greatest problem that our future culture awaits is the entitlement mindset of students who have had the bar constantly lowered and lowered until we expect nothing but the worst from students and are proud and “tolerant” when we get those results. You students will never strive to go higher over the bar if it never gets raised.

Try it out tonight. Try raising the bar, upping the ante a little tonight in your message. An “everything is about love and fun” message isn’t going to cut it anymore. Fire up the grills and let’s get started serving these students some real spiritual food.

What do you find is the greatest hindrance of growth in your students?

Sound off in the comments below!

Could it be more Obvious

Watch this video first.

Look where the mom comes from with the picture of the boy’s dad.

Really? I mean I can see a picture of a guy across the room pointing to what looks like a name-tag and say, “did he wear a name tag that maybe said…”

It’s not like they responded by recalling a memory, but she get’s a picture….from in sight.

These is the kind of “skills” that Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium, employs to con people and lie to them.

I have had a conversation with a former psychic (not former because he reformed mind you, but because he retired) who told me, of course he knew he was lying during psychic readings, but the help it brought people was enough for him….

Yeah after my jaw got of the ground, I thought about that for a minute. Notice when you see a psychic on tv, when they tell someone something that a loved one said, they only tell them things that make them feel better. It’s absolutely insane.

It shouldn’t surprise us thought that there are people in this life who lie and deceive, after all Jesus warned us about that all throughout His ministry.

Do not be deceived by these con artists, but put your trust into something that is absolute. If you want to talk about people who can communicate after death, then talk to the person who conquered death.

The fact that Jesus rose from the dead is not a con, it’s not a scam, but it’s truth.

One Nail…

Would tear right through you, but multiple nails provides just enough support to hold a persons’s body weight.

The Bed of nails is nothing mystical, but a matter of physics. Now what they don’t tell you in your science class is that if you don’t have just enough nails, then it is incredibly painful. They also fail to mention that every single movement you make shifts your weight, driving different nails into your skin in different places.

Why don’t they tell you these things? Because in a demonstration of physics they aren’t important, because you simply lay still and everyone wonders at the marvels of physics…Not really. They wonder and ask if it hurts, but they may move on thinking back to 8th grade science when they saw the demonstration for themselves.

Why the mundane attitude? Because what I am doing in my newest escape is something that has never been done by anyone anywhere, ever.

A real magician does something new…

What I have developed is something that has never been seen on any stage anywhere. It is something that could truly be deadly. I have taken the bed of nails from it’s physics class roots and brought it to a place that will be unforgettable.

Stay tuned this fall to see what happens with the Bed of Nails.


How many times have you had that feeling? Maybe you feel less than useful, or worthless? You look around at the rest of the world and they seem to be happy, but you are sitting in brokenness.

The beautiful thing about being broken though is letting God put the pieces back in the way he planned on. God’s plan for you is so incredible that if you just listen to him, it will be like you were never broken to start with. We despair and think there is no way that our situation can get any darker, until we let go and let God do amazing things.

The most evident way to see God is when we allow ourselves to get out of the way and see the amazing things he can do, but sometimes it takes us being broken to do that, but hold on. It’s always darkest before the dawn, and Joy comes in the morning.

What’s Does Greatness Take?


When she landed that last move in her routine, Gabby Douglas knew she would be taking home the gold in gymnastics from the London Olympics. You could see the confidence beaming from her face as she graciously waited for her scores. After receiving the medal though, she made a statement that defined her.  She said,

I give all the glory to God. It’s kind of a win win situation. The glory goes up to Him, and all the blessings fall down on me.

But I’m just a kid…

One of the things that I hear a lot about is, “how can I make an impact if I’m only a teenager?” Our culture has perpetuated a mindset of continued adolescence and the helplessness of teens to think and make decisions on their own. Paul clearly dispels this notion in 1 Timothy 4:12

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

I think Gabby really exemplifies this verse at age 16. You can do the same thing. It doesn’t matter if you are 6 or 60, God can use you if you are willing to give him your everything. A few blogs back I mentioned how the boy with the 5 loaves and 2 fish didn’t hold back from Jesus, but gave him his everything, and thousands were blessed because of it. You may think that there is no way to make an impact, but there is.  You can start today.

It’s Up to You

It starts with your heart. With your attitude. To some, you may be the only encounter anyone ever has with a Christian. They can very well make up their minds about what a Christian is based solely on your life. Now that’s not necessarily the most fair thing, but it’s reality.  Which is why at all times, we have to be wiling to give God our everything and hold nothing back. We have to shine in all situations so bright that people notice that there is something different about us. Matthew 5:14, Jesus says you are the light of the world. That’s no joke.  This world is full of darkness. Your schools are full of darkness, and if you wait for someone else to shine, then you better be prepared to wait a long time.

It’s up to you. What are people going to think about Jesus based on your life? The time is now. You have to be willing to give God 100% and hold nothing back if you want to change this world.  The world needs what you have, the world needs Jesus. You have the cure, why would you hold it back from a dying world?

Purpose in your Heart

Maker the choice today like Daniel. He was young a teen, when he made up his mind and purposed in his heart that he wouldn’t defile himself with what the world had to offer.

Make that purpose in your heart today to shine, and to use your platform whether that’s school, sports, Facebook, or whatever to tell the world about Jesus.

What’s holding you back?

What is your platform?

How to Sneak in a Workout in the Church Office Part 2

Time for round 2

Hopefully you got a chance to put my routine from Part 1 into action this past week.  There is no gym membership required, and you don’t have to drive to the gym after a long day of work. Just grab a few copies of a systematic theology textbook, and you can get ripped from just lifting them…

Recap of the Basis

Sometimes it’s easier to just let the idea of working out go.  Why am I even mentioning this on the blog? Our body is a temple.  We are to give God our everything not just spiritually, but physically as well.  I really believe that God wants us to be in good shape and honor him with our bodies.  The problem is though, it’s truly hard to find time for a good workout that is both effective and time manageable.  Which is why I have developed the following two day split that you can do in your church office during lunch.

Obviously diet plays a heavy part, but let’s focus on what you can do in your church office or hotel room today to build lean and strong muscles, while burning fat.

The idea of this plan is to have zero equipment, at max a kettle ball or two dumbbells, and a chin-up bar that can be easily stowed in your office or luggage.

Day 2. Shoulders-Biceps-Triceps

Before we dive in, let’s face it the Shoulders, Biceps, and Triceps are the three muscle areas that really give that “built” look.  Truthfully you can never have too big of shoulders, but biceps and triceps you want a lean but cut look that shows  dense angular muscles. All of what I’m about to teach can be done in the office or hotel room.


Here is an excerpt from one of my favorite blogs on building shoulders with just body weight.


This set of exercises also makes use of the extremely versatile portable chin up doorway bar  that I mentioned last blog.

Bicep Ladder-3 Progressions till failure.

Easy but great exercise using your own body weight to build muscle (one of my favorite and most effective ways to make gains)

You are going to put a chair in front of your Chin up bar.  Place your feet onto the chair at such an angle that you are nearly parallel to the ground (or as close as possible) grab the inner bars that are perpendicular to the chin up bar and begin to curl your biceps lifting your body to the bar.  Do this until you can’t do another rep, then change your angle to make it easier, and repeat until you are almost vertical.

Here is a video tutorial that shows a little more clearly what to do.

Kettle ball or Dumbbell curls. 5 sets 8-10 reps

For starters I recommend about 20 lbs, but do whatever feels good for you, but works you at the same time.
Sit on the edge of your office chair or desk and alternate curls slowly and controlled one at a time.  Make sure you don’t swing them or use momentum, but let the muscle do all of the work.


A lot of people like to ignore the triceps (because they are harder to show when you flex I guess) They are the larger part of your arm muscles and boost the look of your biceps and shoulders all around.

Dips- 5 sets 15-20 reps

Position your chair a few feet from your desk and place your feet on it.  Put your hands down flat about shoulder length apart on onto the flat surface of your desk or hotel bed. let your body sink down making your elbows a 90 degree angle, and then push yourself back up. Again the idea is slow and controlled not bouncy. Change the angle to get the maximum burn.

One arm Triceps Extension 5 sets-8-10 reps

Take your 25 lb kettle ball or dumbbell and hold it straight up above your head in one hand.  Bend at the elbow until the weight touches your back and push the weight back up.  Do with both arms alternating.

I promise you you will build muscle and get strong if you follow this.

Tomorrow wraps up this blog arc with cardio.  Stay tuned and go work out!

What holds you back from working out?

Which of these seems to be the most taxing to you?

How to Get Ripped in the Church Office

Time is the Main Issue

Let’s face it being in an office or in my case in hotels around the country that don’t often have a great gym, can really put a damper on your workout routine.  It would be easy to drive the extra miles to a gym during the time that you don’t have during your packed and busy day, and work out there…right?


Sometimes it’s easier to just let the idea of working out go.  Why am I even mentioning this on the blog? Our body is a temple.  We are to give God our everything not just spiritually, but physically as well.  I really believe that God wants us to be in good shape and honor him with our bodies.  The problem is though, it’s truly hard to find time for a good workout that is both effective and time manageable.  Which is why I have developed the following two day split that you can do in your church office during lunch.

Obviously diet plays a heavy part, but let’s focus on what you can do in your church office or hotel room today to build lean and strong muscles, while burning fat.

The idea of this plan is to have zero equipment, at max a kettle ball or two dumbbells, and a chin-up bar that can be easily stowed in your office or luggage.

Day 1. Chest-Back-Abs


The idea is for quality here not necessarily quantity.  You want to build your chest muscles without developing bloated baggy looking pecs that comes from ridiculous amounts of pushups. So we are going to focus on two exercises that will develop key areas of the chest that will build the right kind of muscle in the right area.

Pushups- 4-5 sets of 8-10 reps.

The idea is to do them slowly with perfect form. This will build strength as well as dense angular muscles.

Incline Pushups- 4-5 sets of 8-10 reps.

This may sound a bit redundant being that we just worked pushups, but placing your feet on a surface such as your office desk or hotel bed raises the focus of the exercise to your upper pecs which help shape them better and avoid that “moob” look.


Hands down the best back exercise are pullups.  If you have the availability to hand one of the portable chin up doorway bar that you can get at Walmart for $20 bucks then by all means do it.

Chin-ups (If bar is available) 5 sets to failure-

First few weeks do as many as you can to failure.  If you can’t do a pull up or chin up, don’t be discouraged you will build into it.  Start by hanging and putting your feet on the floor and assist the lift with your legs however much or little you need to do so.  You will eventually build the strength and be doing pullups unassisted in no time.

Kettle ball or Dumbbell low row. 5 sets 8-10 reps

For starters I recommend about 25 lbs, but do whatever feels good for you, but works you at the same time.
Bend at the waist at about a 45 degree angle while keeping your back straight as a board.  Bend slightly at the knees and pull your weight up to the lower rib cage.  Do it slowly and feel the tug on your lats.


You would think that I would instantly recommend sit ups or crunches, but I say no.  Try to stay away from them as they can really strain your back, without very much payoff.

Planks- 5 minutes total however many sets it takes.

Get into pushup position but then drop to your forearms instead of on your hands.  Keep your body straight and hold this position for 1 to 2 minutes.  Do however many sets it takes for 5 minutes.  This strengthens your core and your abs in ways that you couldn’t imagine.  Plus it’s easy on the back!

Leg lifts/Ab-wheel modified 5 sets 10 reps

If you have the pull up bar mentioned above then hang from the bar and slowly lift your legs up to your chest.  If it’s too hard at first then do it with your knees bent.  The idea is to get it to where you are lifting your legs as straight as possible to your chest.  This works the lower abs gut area that we all desperately want to see go away.

Ab Wheel Modified-

If you don’t have the pull up bar then get down on your hands and knees place your hands close together.  You should be about “table-top” distance from your knees with your hands.  Start the set by sliding your hands about 6 inches away from your start.  Hold for 6 seconds and then move 6 inches further and hold.  Do this until you are stretched almost all the way out hold and then reverse and hold.

This is Day one of a two day split.  The next blog will focus on day 2 which is Shoulders/Biceps/Triceps.  Then I will finish it off with the much needed cardio segment.  Enjoy and let me know your thoughts about the routine.

I promise you you will build muscle and get strong if you follow this.

What holds you back from working out?

Which of these seems to be the most taxing to you?

Faith is anything but Blind

Blind Faith…

That phrase has always irritated me.  Some people used to use it as some kind of a back handed compliment.  Now it’s the end all be all for a discussion with someone who doesn’t believe in God.  In a world that is consumed by doubt yet obsessed with lies at the same time, this paradox causes a problem for Christians wanting to share their faith.

On one hand you are having to fight an uphill battle to counter the thoughts that Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code has put in to so many people’s heads as gospel truth.  I had a discussion with someone this week who was so totally sure that the Bible had changed over the years….because it just had to have been.  After all that’s the statement that really started my fervor for apologetics.

Welcome to the Grand Illusion

The atheist acts as if we are all deluded magic fans.  That we watch the stories in scripture unfold and somewhere deep down we don’t believe it.  We know we don’t believe it, but we suspend that disbelief just to enjoy the show.  Quite the opposite we enjoy the mystery that God is revealing to us because deep down we know that God has revealed Himself through creation.  We know this deep down and repress that when we disbelieve.

The problem is, the atheist and the non-Christian no what they believe and why they believe it.  That’s the reason that are conversations so often descend to the final answer of, “Well you just have to have faith!”

That one response is more damaging than it seems.

We know the merits of faith and how important it is to have faith.  After all you are saved by grace through FAITH.  Faith is important.  Look throughout scripture at how many times the word faith is used.  But make no mistake, the kind of faith that is talked about it reasonable and rational faith.  God’s not asking you to believe that the world is flat.  God is not asking you to buy in to something that is completely insane or ludicrous.  The world will tell you that you are crazy for believing in a resurrected savior.

The reason that they make this claim that you are crazy is because we don’t know how to answer the questions that can be answered.

Starting with the NT I’m going to break down the question, “hasn’t the Bible changed over the years?” that has shaken so many people without need.  I’m going to show you that we don’t have “blind faith”, but that are faith in Christ is rational, reasonable, and absolutely necessary.

Getting People to the Event

In the School

Get in your student’s schools with your speaker/band before the event for a 45 minute assembly at each school. This step is imperative. On the day of the event, or the day before, get your speaker/band in the schools. When you are negotiating with your speaker or band, talk with them about the possibility of getting into your communities schools. Most speakers and bands will be willing to do this, because they have hearts for evangelism.

Have the assemblies be FREE for the students, and invite all of the students. Get in the middle schools, the high schools, as many as you can. If you have a lot of schools in your area, you may have to consider going to multi-day events, because you can’t expect your speaker and band to do more than two school assemblies in a day and still be prepared to put on an amazing event at night. Another option would be to send your artist (speaker) to one school while simultaneously having your band go to another school.



Nothing builds interest in students’ minds more than actually seeing the people that you have been promoting.  The number one benefit of a school assembly is that you start to build trust early with the students in the community. Think about it from their perspective.  They are getting a FREE break from class to go see some crazy stuff. With the band, they get to see a free concert. With an artist such as an illusionist, BMX team, skateboarder, etc., they get to see something they have maybe never seen before. Think about this: some of these kids have never seen the world outside of their small community. You bring in something they’ve never seen before, and they want to see more of it, so they come to your event that night. At the event, they hear the Gospel.


School Event

Most bands and speakers have a public school friendly positive message they can share with the students during the assembly: ie. Make good choices, stay in school, don’t do drugs etc.

From the stage your speaker or band needs to make your event sound like it’s the only thing in town.  Instill the idea that there isn’t a lot that goes on in town, but tonight is something different.  Tonight you are going to see something that you have never seen before.  Basically, make the students feel like they will be missing out if they don’t come to the event.  Naturally there should already be a buzz created through social media, word of mouth, posters, banners, ads. etc.   When you start mentioning the name of the event during the school assembly, it jogs the memory of the students who have seen it on Facebook, Twitter, bulletin boards, sidewalks etc.  This makes the event larger in scale and scope, and instills its importance in the minds of the audience.

It’s all in the Name

One thing that I definitely recommend from personal experience is that you name your event something that is “Public School Friendly.” What does that even mean?  We were promoting an event in Arkansas last year that had the word “God” in the title.  Some places this wouldn’t be a problem at all, but one administrator refused to allow the event’s name to be mentioned at all.  She said that we were not allowed to use the event’s name because it said God (if you look at any legal precedent by the way, she was way out of line, but you don’t step on the toes of the ones who allow you in).So from that I gathered– if students don’t know the name of the event….then how are they going to show up.  Make it something catchy, not corny. Seriously. Not corny.

Have you ever done an event involving the local schools?

What was your experience like?