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The Blog is not Dead…

…We are just waiting for our website to be finished. We started the process a long time back and hopefully it will be done very soon. Looking forward to showing off the new site.

We have been insanely busy the last couple of months which has removed any time for our podcast as well (thankful to be busy of course). Hopefully that will restart this week.

Of the the last 47 days we were on the road 34. It’s been crazy, but we have seen hundreds give their lives to Jesus. It’s been astounding to see God move in such an awesome way. From Middle School to College outreach, students have said yes to Jesus all across North America. We had the pleasure of ministering in Ontario and New Brunswick as well as all across the United States.

We have also added a new fast favorite routine to the show that has been really fun to do.

It’s been really fun to weave in Apologetics into our college outreach message. Starting by nailing down the complete incompatibility of relativism and real life to the historicity of the resurrection and its ramifications.

Our daughter Harper has been such a trooper. She has been more miles in her short 10 months than some in their entire lives. She does great and has fun playing on stage during load in and load out.

We are so thankful for all of the prayers and support from everyone. We look forward to a crazy busy 2015 as we wind down the rest of this year.



New Magic Podcast from The Bryan Drake Show

New Magic Podcast from The Bryan Drake Show

So it’s finally here.  A project that we’ve been working on for a while now. A brand new podcast for magicians by magicians.

Look Around.


Free Will

Free Will

No Choice

You have no choices in life, but are strictly determined by your genes to do everything you do. There is no free will.

—-Sound a little silly?

See that’s the problem (one of many) with materialism/naturalism. A worldview  that denies the existence of anything immaterial borrows from the immaterial an awful lot to try and prove that there is no God.

Today’s issue is the idea that strict determinism (the idea that there is no libertarian free will) is the way life works. Now call me crazy, but I feel like this is something that just falls apart by being alive. We see and experience the obvious reality of libertarian free will. i am choosing to write this post. You are choosing to read (or not) this post. Free will is an absolute self evident truth.

Atheist Side

Richard Dawkins would claim that we are just basically meat machines wired to propagate our own DNA. That we exist with an illusion of free will. Now the problem with this is that there is absolutely no evidence for this claim. The idea that we have no free will is counterintuitive.

Christian Buddies

That being said, it’s not just the atheist that believes this. I am a Southern Baptist. Over the years the SBC has wrestled the great questions of reformed theology. The questions of the TULIP and other Calvin issues. One thing that some Calvinists hold to is also an idea that there is no free will, but rather God causes everything to be.

This raises a huge problem because it makes God the author of sin and utter cause of evil. Now that seems to directly contradict his moral perfection that is in fact a necessary attribute of God.

So who has it right? Is there free will? Am I merely determined to type this without any choice of my own while at the same time believing that I have the free will to type this even though that’s an illusion that is programmed into me?

I find that too hard of a pill to swallow. After all why would David ask God what the results of his choices be? If there is no choice then what would it matter? Is God the author of all things evil because He enjoys some sort of Cosmic theater?

I think not. I think we can safely lean on the idea that we do in fact have free will. In fact I hope you choose to read this and share it. Although it might be better for me if you had no choice in the matter, and shared it with everyone because you were strictly determined to do so….


Fall Update

My schedule is full for the last week of December, but we still have NEW YEAR’S EVE available! If you would like to find out more information about having the Bryan Drake Show ring in the New Year with your students, then give my team a shout. 615-258-4646

Last year, Karla and I did three shows at two different churches for New Year’s Eve for over 1000 students. It was an incredible time of outreach in which we got to share the Gospel with these students who could have chosen to spend their New Year’s Eve doing something else.

This year, I will be in St. Louis on Dec 30th, but can be almost anywhere for the 31st.

This is your last chance to see a Bryan Drake event before my calendar is blocked off for the majority of January (we’ll be waiting on a baby to make her arrival, so I’m only doing dates that are already on my calendar that month.)

Thanks to everyone who supports our ministry!


This absolutely speaks volumes

Wise words from Kaiser Soze


Right in front of your eyes.

Sometimes we are deceived by the very thing we think is telling us the truth. This happens in our world all of the time. We become complacent and are lulled into believing the deception. But stay strong and vigilant, and you can spot a fake…

Standing Strong


One of the trends that I’ve noticed lately for atheists, mainly the FFRF, to do is to attack a small town usually in the South, for “violating the 1st amendment.” The problems with this are multiple, but let’s deal with just the glaring one.

As they say here in the south, “They don’t have a dog in that hunt!” We are talking about a group based out of Wisconsin who’s entire purpose is to wipe religion (gee I wonder which one…) off the map. They don’t just want an equality of viewpoints, but merely a complete and utter obliteration of Christianity. They attack a small town over some trumped up “complaint” and threaten to sue either a school district, or city council. They use this tactic not because they have any legal legs to stand on, but because they know it’s an effective fear tactic. They know that most of these targets would rather quietly bow to their wishes than have a media backlash.

Behind the Scenes Goliath…

Now I wouldn’t be doing my due diligence if I never even looked into what they claim or profess. However I have. I listen to numerous debates between atheists and Christians. One such popular opponent in these debates is none other than Dan Barker, a very prominent member of the FFRF.

The problem with using him as your go to debater…he’s not very good. I don’t say this in a biased way, but in all fairness he is a terrible debater who basically says the same thing over and over ad nausea. I don’t mean by this he sticks to his guns, but rather he pulls out an irritating and easily defeated point, yet trumpets it about like it’s some unheard of wisdom granted just to him, but when confronted with a more learned Greek student (by many years)…he’s right every time and they are just mistaken every time.

Really? That’s the best argument?


Anyway back from that rabbit trail. I mention all of this to say this. Yesterday Todd Starnes posted a story about a school district in Cullman, Wiscon….no wait that’s wrong, Cullman, Alabama (right in the FFRF’s back yard….) being threatened by the FFRF for what’s known as the prayer caravan. Basically private citizens on their own volition go to each campus during the summer and stand on public outdoor property and pray for the students. How hideous! How vile!

Here is the story:

Yeah that’s it. That’s all they do, yet somehow that’s a violation against the 1st amendment?

Anyway the Superintendent is not caving, is not backing down from these tyrannical atheist bullies, but rather saying, “get over it.” Now that’s what I’m talking about! Stand strong. Yes we are going to be persecuted, and mocked for His namesake, but we are also called to be salt and light. Salt in a wound is not comfortable. Light shined into the darkness hurts people’s eyes at first, but when adjusted to it, that light can grow!

Stand strong when the enemy attacks, don’t back down. Paul, Peter, James, and the others stood strong even unto death. Do I think that’s where we are headed in the near future? No, but if we live with the mindset of, “I’m not backing down” we can do great things for the kingdom.


It’s Official!

We are super excited to announce a new addition to The Bryan Drake Show. 😉

Self Competing/Contradicting Worldviews.


What if you were called a hypocrite? The burn and sometimes shame that comes with that name is enough to change someone’s behavior sometimes. But what if you didn’t even know you were being one?

Webster’s defines the term Worldview as:

[count] : the way someone thinks about the world
Pretty simple definition I think right? Pretty much self-explanatory. It’s how we think about the world around us. The problem I have noticed though is that many people have two competing world views. One of their mouth, the other of their actions.

Two Teams

What I have noticed, is that Christians have taken a lot of flak over the years for being “hypocrites” according to the world. Now understand much of this kind of name-calling is on point, but others call tough love hypocrisy. They call not condoning, or not “tolerating” sin a type of hypocrisy. The problem is that there is no merit for the claim of hypocrite in this case. We are called to love our neighbors. We are not showing love if we allow the people we care about to continue in harmful behavior.


Now here is where it gets interesting. On the other side of the worldview fence, the atheist side, there is an almost completely unknown battle of self. Atheists claim to hold a worldview of just naturalism. That only matter matters. This can’t make sense in so many ways.

To try and attack Christianity the naturalist has to borrow so many things that cannot exist on his own worldview. He uses logic, appeals to morality, appeals to reason, but unfortunately on a naturalistic worldview, these things just aren’t real. To not believe in objective morality in words, and then turn around and talk on Facebook or Twitter about how evil Chick-fil-a is doesn’t make any sense.

On one hand you have completely denied that morality exists, yet for some reason you are in a position to judge the morality of another’s actions? This is a complete and total fallacy. It makes no sense, yet this is happening all around us all the time. At the same time these people are calling Christian’s hypocrites, their own lives live out a hypocrisy that is completey unknown to them. They espouse one worldview with their mouths, but in their hearts they cannot fight down the knee-jerk reaction to the evil world around us, so they blindly shoe-horn morality, logic, math, reason, and a host of other things into a worldview that doesn’t actually allow them, and then claim them as products of that worldview.

The hypocrisy is not so cut and dry as they see it. They claim the actions of Christians are hypocritical while at the very same moment committing hypocrisy. It’s crazy how onesided and blinded certain people are while at the same time claiming “open-mindedness”

What atheist hypocrisy have you run across?

Update for the New Year

It seems like 2012 just started, in fact I’m pretty sure that I almost wrote a blog last year that said, “it seems like 2011 just started” That’s how fast this year was. God has opened up so many doors over this past year, and we have gotten to work with so many awesome people.

As I write this, I am sitting in Dulles Int. Airport after a crazy week. We started in New Orleans for the kNOw conference at the Baptist Seminary, then out to San Diego for CRU’s SD Winter Conference. Then we flew over to Chantilly, VA for a show at 10:00 pm then immediately packed up and drove 30 minutes to McLean Bible Church to do a show at 2:00 am and 3:00 am for the New Years.

So it’s been a very busy year already.

Pray with us as we continue to minister across the country through mentalism. We are about to kick off the CIY Believe tour, so make sure to follow along for updates.

Thanks for all of your support!

Circle Making

Praying in Circles

So I picked up the book the circle maker. It seems a little offputting at first, but when you dig into it and realize the power in prayer it’s a little bit mind-blowing.

One of the coolest things I took away, is that God doesn’t want our vague or general prayers. He wants us to be specific. He wants us to be real with him. If we”re not, if we”re just praying in vague generalities, then it’s no big deal.

This Week…

Karla and I are heading out on a pretty long trip to share the gospel through our ministry all across the country. And after reading I found that we have some pretty specific prayer request about God moving in lives of young people. One of the things we want to see is hundred’s come to know Christ. It’s through him and only through him, but that is the coolest part about it.

When I look back at the Old Testament and New Testament and see stories of people who are not ashamed but bold to pray and ask God for things, I see incredible miracles in their lives. It’s one of those things that we take for granted sometimes, Our God is still powerful God is still God of this university can do miracles in our lives if we ask if we allow him.

The author mentions circling Jericho, and the fact that sometimes we take our own plans into actions without God. But imagine what all the military strategist must’ve thought about people marching around the walls of Jericho. instead of invading with siege weapons, they marched silently around the city. They must’ve thought they were crazy, but they knew who was going to fight the battle. That’s what’s so awesome about following Christ we know who goes before  us to fight our battles.

He has Overcome the World…

We know in scripture that things  may be tough that this world may be too strong for us, but the best part is we know who has overcome the world.

Pray with us and for us as we seek to reach those who are lost around our nation.

Here we go….

What’s up, if you are reading this then you are probably into illusions or ministry….or both.  That’s what I do.  My name is Bryan Drake, and I am an illusionist with a high-energy illusion/mentalism show based on impacting our culture for Christ.  The point of this blog is to discuss all the facets and nuances of where magic and ministry meet.  From my personal favorite theological topic of apologetics, to maybe even teaching you how to do a few illusions here and there.

The point is, that no matter who you are there is definitely something for everyone here.  So check back frequently and tell your friends.  I want you guys to get involved and let me know what you think in the comment section.  I look forward to some awesome dialogue with some seriously great people.

Get ready…….Here we go.

Bryan Drake