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Apologetics Tuesday!

For the last few months there have been sporadic posts about apologetics and such, but starting today is Apologetics Tuesday. Basically I will take questions from all over the place, both from Christian and non-Christian sources and answer them.

Questions on morality, truth, creation, the universe, and whatever else comes up, the forum is yours.

The field of apologetics is hot right now. Why is that? People are hungry for truth. They are hungry for a way to properly express and communicate their faith to their friends and coworkers, without being afraid of what they might hear in response.

Now to clarify a heavily misunderstood point that is often brought up by Apologetics “opponents” in the Christian faith, that the Spirit is the only one who can convince someone of the truth. I totally agree, but we are called to share the truth in the most effective way possible. Being ignorant of a subject or topic isn’t an excuse for not sharing with someone, because, “The Spirit will get them or He won’t.” I don’t think that is a healthy mind set at all, but merely a cop out.

Diversity in Apologetics

We do in fact live in a diverse culture. What I mean by that is, a tactic or philosophy that you might use on one person, could be completely ineffective for others. For instance if you are talking to someone who is Jewish, you may not bring up the same evidence that you would to an atheist. The field is so varied and broad, that there is always something new to learn.

In dealing with a Jewish friend, I recommend starting the conversation about the Old Testament they were most likely given at their Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and reading Isaiah 53. you then ask them who they think that verse is talking about. I have read incredible stories of people who have come to Jesus after being presented with this subject.

So starting next week, Apologetics Tuesday officially kicks off. Send in your questions or comments and follow along!

What questions do you have?

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